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    Default Pre-Check In Question

    Hello! We leave Sunday for our first trip to CSS! I have read about the Pre-Check IN option but I am wondering if this is only a perk given to past guests? Also, do they carry Splenda or should we bring our own? Any help is appreciated! Four days and counting...............

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    Anyone can pre-check in. Just become a romance rewards member (link is on the bottom of page) and you can pre-check in too.

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    If you sign up for Romance Rewards prior to your trip, you can do the pre-checkin. Also on your first trip as a new Romance Rewards member you can do a Trading Places day to CTI, the other resort in Ocho Rios. You need to sign up for Romance Rewards and do pre-checkin at least 3 days before your arrival. Sorry, I can't remember which sweetner they had at CSS, but they do have an artificial sweetner available--just not sure if its Splenda.

    Have a great time! I'm jealous that you will be at CSS on Sunday!!!

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    Thank You!!!! We are now Checked In and almost ready to go now! I think we will just bring our own Splenda so we have it. We are really hoping we love our Couples vacation, especially after all the wonderful Posts about the resorts! I will post a review when we return

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    They do carry Splenda...all you have to do is ask for it. You're going to love it at CSS!!! Have a wonderful visit!!

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    I'm on the romance rewards page, it has my info, but where can I pre check in? We will be there in January.

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