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    We're arriving for the third time in January and this time, are staying in the Great House Verandah Suites. Has anyone stayed there and/or do you have any pics of these rooms that you could post or e-mail to me? Thanks so much. Counting down.........

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    yeah.... I am curious too. I will be there this Jan also and I have been looking around for pics of the GHVS. I booked them on the wednesday deal...Anyone who has pics to share??...BTW I will be there on my honeymonn and it wont be difficult to spot us.... We are a crazzy indian couple waiting to get to Jamaica to have some wild fun...........
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    They look the same as all the other Verandah suites except they are in the Great House.
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    Here are some pics from our room at the GHVS. We stayed here a couple of days then moved to a Beachfront Verandah Suite which we had originally reserved.
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    Thank you......I see the bathroom is definitely more spacious than the GVS we've stayed in both times previously. the next big question is should the first yummy, tropical cocktail be before of after a dip in the Carribean? Perhaps I'll take it in the water with me, while lounging on my floatie............Ahh, what a relaxing mental image. Nothing like taking a mini mental vacation to CSA to get one through the workday!

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    Hey Lisa, I think that's a GreatHouse Jacuzzi Suite, isn't it??

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