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    Default Maxi dresses - too hot to wear?


    We'll be taking our first trip to CSA December 12 - 19th. I'm so excited! I was planning on bringing some sleeveless polyester maxi dresses for evening wear, but I've seen some people mention that man-made materials could be too hot and uncomfortable. What's your experience? Thanks in advance for the advice. I appreciate it.


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    Not a problem in December. In fact, in Feathers you will be glad to have something over your legs and would probably enjoy a shawl or light sweater due to air conditioning. I have never had a problem with a long skirt or dress in the month of December. Enjoy!

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    At night the dresses will be perfect!

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    Bring some short dresses too. It can vary by the day and humidity. That's what I'm doing and will be there 12/8 to 12/15.

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    Long dresses are quite popular at dinner time and after, but I would think polyester woukd be a bad idea.
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    Polyester can be hot - but since you're going sleeveless and December evenings are a little cooler, you should be OK....I find that I wear a lot of cotton jersey or cotton/poly blends that work well.

    Have a great time!

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    I have worn them in August and not felt hot. It won't be a problem.

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    Mine are cotton/poly or rayon blends. I find them very comfortable and I do a shawl or cotton short sleeve sweater for evenings in the AC.

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    I had one long polyester-type maxi dress when I was at CN in October.... During the day- yes, it will be too hot, but most nights I was perfectly fine. As long as it isn't a terribly humid day you will be fine wearing it in the evening. I would bring some other types of fabrics as well. Have Fun!!!!

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    We were there once at the beginning of February and I had to buy a scarf/shawl from the gift shop to wear over my shoulders to dinner at night. I also wore maxi's to dinner in April and was fine.

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    First of all - congrats on booking CSA!!! We went there for our honeymoon in September and had the time of our lives!! I wore a maxi almost every single evening. They are so easy to throw on yet look super elegant. Also, I found that I sweat WAY less in poly that week, for some reason. I had a black cotton one and it was less comfortable than the poly or blends that I brought....I think the man made materials are thinner, depending on the manufacturer.


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    Maxi dresses are perfect for dinner time. Last year, I packed capris with shirts, dresses, shorts, tshirts... Wayyyyy to much!!! This year, keeping it simple with lots of swimsuits/cover ups and sleeveless/maxi dresses for night and a few workout outfits to take advantage of the awsome sports complex at CSA. That should cut the packing by half...I hope

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    I wore long dresses almost exclusively at night on our trip last January and have bought several new ones to add to my wardrobe for our trip this January!! I was very comfortable!!

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    The poly blends are fine in a maxi dress - even better if you can skip the bra.

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    You should be fine my only problem with long dresses was if a sudden rainstorm hit your dress was soaked at the bottom

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    We go in late September or early October. I live in maxi dresses! I don't think you will be too hot.

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    I wear dresses the entire time we are at CSA twice a year. Short and casual over swimsuit or to breakfast and lunch. Sort or maxi to dinner. Definitely no polyester as it doesn't breathe! December won't be as bad, though. DO carry a light sweater, wrap or jacket to dinner at Feathers as the ac is pretty cold!

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