Hi everyone,

We are Couples (and even Jamaica) virgins, and are searching for the perfect honeymoon spot.

So far it looks like San Souci will suit us best, but I had two quick questions:

1) I read a few reviews that mentioned activities booked up quickly for the whole week and therefore some people were not able to take advantage of some excursions (i.e. Dunn's River Falls trip, snorkeling, etc.). We would not be arriving until Monday and I am worried that all of the people arriving on Saturday and Sunday will book up the trips and we will not get to partake. Is this a valid concern? We are going on July 1st, 2013.

2) Some of the activities that look fun on their schedule (Trivia Mania, Shots Bingo, etc.) are only available at the au naturel beach.... Does that mean we can't go over and do the games if we prefer to stay dressed?

We actually really loved everything about Couples Negril and would have picked that location; but unfortunately the beach is not private. We had a very bad time with vendors hasselling us on our last vacation and my fiance is adament about going somewhere with a private beach. Are the vendors pushy on the CN beach?

Thanks so much for the help!