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    Default Recommendations for a night out in Negril?

    Can anyone recommend any good bars & restaurants for a night out in Negril? Somewhere with music and a great atmosphere.
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    The Beach Grill (? Can't remember the name of it and the site for whatever reason won't load its name on the dining page for Negril, but it's part of the bar right behind the beach) is what you want. This is what the website says:

    Casual fare and snacks at this laid-back spot featuring a selection of Jamaican delights, grilled specialties and salads.

    No dress code, bathing suits acceptable.

    Daily 11:00am – 6:00 pm
    Daily 11:00pm – 5:00 am

    It closes to become the Heliconia restaurant for dinner at night, then reopens later for late-night food. You'll find burgers, chicken, pasties, pizza, ice cream, prepared salads and sandwiches, etc.

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    I think the beach grill closes down about 4:30 AM.
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    The Heleconia Grill opens back up at like 10:30 at night. The night menu is same as the lunch menu. Burgers, hot dogs, jerk chicken, beef and chicken patties. The food taste great. And there is a little more food then what I listed. We never made it to a late night snack. Dinner was enough.

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    To add, What is the best place to get a great steak in Negril?

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    The Pob

    What is the best place to get a great steak in Negril?

    At the Otaheite Restaurant at CN.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Pob View Post
    To add, What is the best place to get a great steak in Negril?
    negril <> great steak you may consider nyc vegas kansas city or parts of texas for a great steak
    negril == great sunsets a cool vibe great jerk and great mother earth.. enjoy

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    Im not sure why people are answering your question with on-site restaurants...??

    Anyway- you won't find a great steak in Negril - especially outside of the resort.....since the beef is not the same in Jamaica -you'll do better with seafood.

    Rockhouse is one of the best restaurants in the area- very romantic. They will come pick you up at the hotel if you call in advance.

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    Default Party on the sand

    My wife and I are going to try this place called Alfred's. Check out the web site.
    We have never been, but have heard good things about it. When will you be there. My wife and I are coming in 5 days, will be there from Oct. 3rd through 7th.

    Kevin and Andria...

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    Also try the PushCart, it is at the Rock House. Good Food, good drinks and a beautiful location! There was no band but there was some good tunes playing - fun atmosphere. Try to go a before sunset.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WandA View Post
    Im not sure why people are answering your question with on-site restaurants...??

    If you notice this is the case for a majority of the posts
    OP asks a specific question and 50-60% of the answers are not applicable to the question posted. It must be all that rock and roll music and twittering that negatively impacts the reading comprehension skills

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    Definitley try out Alfreds Ocean Palace, they operate on certain nights of the week with a bar and live entertainment right on the beach. If I remember correctly Alfreds is Sunday/Tues/Fri?

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    I think Rick's Cafe is a must do in Negril at least once, great sunsets, live music, crazy divers!!!!
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    Cosmos, short walk down the beach from CSA past Beaches

    The bars at Negril Tree House are fun

    Chances has a bobsled from the Jamaican Bob Sled team

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    Wonderful! That is just what I"m looking for!!

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    Aha! Sounds fun. Thank you!

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