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    I have tried a search and cannot seem to find an answer. Maybe some CTI vets can help a new guy. Is red stripe the only beer served at CTI??? Is it bottle only or is it served on tap as well???

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    Red Stripe is not the only beer served. We haven't been there for three years but they did have Miller Lite and another Jamaican beer called REAL I believe. Miller Lite was in cans REAL was bottled and Red Sripe was on tap at the main bar.I don't recall seeing Bud but I never asked for it. CTI from what I recall did not have the mini bars in room at that time, so I would guess the Red Stripe would be in bottles.


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    We were there a few weeks ago, red stripe and red stripe light on tap at any of the bars, Heineken bottles and Carib (not sure of spelling??) in a can at piano bar, and Carib cans stocked in rooms. I had never heard of Carib before but it's not bad.

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