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    Default Visiting 2 Resorts During Same Holiday

    We would like to take a 10 day vacation and go to Couples Tower Isle first and then to Couples Negril. Can you do that?

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    We did the reverse order. I suggest you do it AS you are -save CN for last. You will love both resorts but do as much as you can at CTI then relax at CN. I would arrange transport via Couples and forget the puddle jumper flights. You WILL lose most of one day as you pack, travel and unpack BUT ask your driver to show you nice sights along the way.

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    You sure can! And, they will transfer you from one resort to the other free of charge.
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    Yes, we do love CN but thought we would try CTI also. This past February we were at CSA. So do we book this through Couples or on our own to travel between the 2 resorts?

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    No problem, people do it all the time!!

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    Ask at the front desk. You will be taken care of.

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    Hoge, this is exactly what we're doing. We have booked 7 nights (to take advantage of the then-$500 spa/gift shop credit offer) at CTI, followed by 4 nights at CN. Obviously we would have loved to book a full 7 there as well, but hey, it's still 4 nights, and that's 4 nights better than hanging back at our house, dat's fo sho!

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