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    Default Hooray Beer! Red Stripe will now be stocked in the minibars at all resorts

    Greetings to all:

    By the end of next week, all four Couples Resorts will have Red Stripe beer stocked in the minibars. Some may see that happening this week even.

    Cheers! and HOORAY BEER!

    Couples Resorts

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    HipHip Hooray! for sure! can't wait to drink a cold Red Stripe on our beachront varandah!!!

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    Thanks Randymon! You've made my husband's year!!!! Can't wait for our next trip to CSS!!!!

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    While I had no problem with the Caribe, I like this even better. Beer is good, and Thank you Couples.

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    That is great news, Randymon! Just in time for our arrival this Saturday to CN!

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    Nice...! Ya mon. A natural fit.

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    Our vacation is getting better before it's even started!!

    13 days......

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    Of course, now begins the great debate along with the requisite wailing and gnashing of teeth: Bottles or Cans?

    Lighten up ya'll, it is just sarcasm. Have another beer.

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    Thank you!!!
    One Love,

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    Great news for me as I am a beer guy most of the time. Although when on the beach the drink of the day is always great.

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    We saw it at CN when we were there November 3rd through the 10th. We were thrilled with the change there and are happy it will be across the board now! Thank you!!!

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    YES !! Thank you, thank you, thankyou! You guys ROCK once again!

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    Thank you Randymon!! Just in time for our arrival to CN in 8 days!! You ROCK!!
    Have a Happy Day!

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    Terrific! Red Stripe is one of those things that mean Jamaica and having it right at hand is wonderful!

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    Hooray Responsibility!

    I think this is one of my favorite Red Stripe commercials...

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    That is fantastic news! Thanks, Couples!

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    Bravo Couples! You really do go out of your way to do it all. While the minibar beer will never be a "make or break" thing for me, the fact that Couples listened to the talk is why we keep coming back again and again. Thanks randymon and the entire Couples team!

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    Red Strip lite too?

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    That's wonderful news! Will there be both Regular and light available?

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    This is great news for my husband and all lovers of Red Stripe.

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    Awesome !!!!! Just in time. 11 days til Negril. Thanks Randy and Couples!!! Just another reason to fall deeper in love!

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    OMG that's awesome!!! Caribe is horrible!!

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    HOORAY Couples! ...for doing the right thing!
    Thank you!

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    You are such a giver Randymon! Thanks for the awesome news.

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