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    Default Some of the top shelf liquors are no longer available?? Anyone have info, recent trip

    ON the main message board there was a thread about mini bars and the new stocking system. The mini bar stocking process doesnt have me worried but finding out the miller lite is gone and now Tia Maria and Grand Marnier is no longer available? Whats next?? Worried here :/

    Did hear that red stripe will be stocked in the mini bars now

    I love rum so I guess I will live but why make so many changes?? Been the same for 6 years.

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    when we were at CN in October, there was no Miller Lite. I asked several bartenders and the bar manager but I didn't get any good answer. My husband really likes the Miller Lite and he's pretty bummed that it's no longer there. I don't usually drink Tia Maria or GM but, it's not a good thing if it's gone, too.

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