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    Default Need CSA Wedding Advice!!

    Just wondering what people first hand think about getting married @ CSA. Our wedding is set for Nov 16th. Just my fiance and I will be there. How was the complimentary wedding package? Would it be worth it to upgrade? What is the best cake to choose? How was the photographer? Has anyone used their salon services?

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    NO WORRIES! My husband and I were married at CSA on 8/3/09...recently! It was such a stress-free day! We didn't upgrade anything. The resort photographer was wonderful and when he was done (after 115 pictures) he asked us if there was anything else we had in mind. We chose the 24 picture package which was $300 and decided to upgrade after looking at the pictures for 12 more for $100. It was definitely worth it. You can choose from a few different flower types and whether you want to get married under the arch or right by the water (we chose by the water). We were the only ones that week to chose next to the water. I wouldn't have changed a thing. One thing of advice, don't over dress! It is so hot! We saw men in tuxes and they looked like they were dying! It's a beach wedding...too hot for tuxes! I did my own hair. We decided on the Jamaican fruit cake which was like a spice/carrot cake. It was good. We don't really remember what it tasted like as we were so caught up in the moment. Plus they don't give it to you to take back to the room either. Take a look at my pictures. Here's the link.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me. I would be more than happy to help with whatever I can!

    Meghan and Jeremy from Vermont

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    What good advice and what beautiful pictures!! Congrats to you both! What time of day did you get married?

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    Your pictures are beautiful. I will be getting married at CSA in two weeks. We are also using the resort photographer, it makes me feel better to see your pictures turned out so nicely.
    Congratulations on your wedding

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    We got married at 10 am and in the water by 12. We originally had it booked for 4 pm but I am glad we switched because there definitely is a difference in the water color. It is very, very beautiful in the morning. It is beautiful in the evening as well but the water is much more colorful in the mornings. Plus, it is a little bit cooler in the morning. We were are also glad we did it in the morning because we were so excited when we got up that we couldn't wait to be husband and wife! Congrats to you guys!

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    Will just throw my two cents in. We got married last month at CSA. We didn't upgrade too much. I wasn't crazy about the flowers on a plastic stick so I spent $40.00 to upgrade to one with ribbon tied around the stems. I picked a tropical look with oranges, yellow ect... It turned out so nice I was very happy I paid the extra for that. We got married at 3:00. Didn't want to spring for the extra cost of the sunset package. For us it was nice. We got our couples massage in the morning. Had a nice light lunch then went to the room to start getting ready. It was nice to not be rushed in the am. By the time we got married and were done with photos had a few drinks at the bar it was time to go to our dinner. Worked out great for us. Cant speak for the salon I did my own hair and make-up. We also used the resort photographer and just purchased the smallest package. We had a guest we met at the resort follow the photographer around and take duplicate shots so we had all the same shots on our camera. This was nice as we had no need to buy any extra photos. I was happy with the quality of our photos, but felt the resort photographer was very rushed with us! We got the rum cake. For us it was too heavy and rich. Couldn't really enjoy it. Wish we would not have gotten that one. Oh well. My only other advice if you have not booked yet and can swing it go for more then 7 nights. We only went 7 and felt like with the wedding involved it went way too fast. If I could do it over I would go ten days and also spring for the beachfront room instead of the garden VS.Going to try and attach some photos hope they work!

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    My fiance and I are getting married the same week as you. We are planning our wedding at CSA. Maybe we will see you there!


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    Thanks for all the information guys! I think due to our budget we will stick with the resort photographer. I love the idea of having someone follow you around to capture all your moments on your own camera as well as what the photographer gets. Our wedding is set for 4 right now but I believe we will be changing it to 10am. I think I am planning on having the salon do my hair, as long as they are open that early. Anyone know details about the salon?

    Brandi-when do you arrive? What day are you getting married? It's so exciting, isn't it!

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    We are very excited, we can't wait! We arrive on the 16th and should get to the resort a little after noon. We will just miss your wedding.

    We are thinking of November 18th but we may change it to the 19th, depending on the photographer. We also would like a morning wedding. We are thinking eleven. I will know the date and time for sure on Monday.

    Have you decided how you want to wear your hair yet? I am thinking of going to the salon as well.

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    Hey Brandi-

    Who did you decide to go with for your photographer?

    I think I'm going to do messy curls pined off to the side or half up. Vertict is still out on that, not doing an updo though.

    Is it just the two of you or are you having guests? We leave on the 19th

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    Hi Danya,

    I am not doing an updo either. I am doing a lower side pony that will be curly. We are having two guests come, which will be perfect for us.

    We are still trying to decide on a photographer. We are trying to decide between Digital Memories and Stacey Clarke. I have read so many great things about both of them. I think we are making that final decision very soon.

    What have you guys decided on?

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    Default CSA wedding

    We were married on 2/27/09 @CSA @4pm in the Gazabo, it was
    the most romantice wondeful time of my life. I upgraded my
    flowers and got flowers for may hair. I had the salon do
    my hair and I did my own make up. They decorated our cake
    with the same flowers and we chose chocolate, it was incredible.
    We used the resort photographer and he spent 2 hours with us, he
    was very good. Here is a link to our pics.

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    We have decided to use the resort photographer. Would love to use Stacey Clark or Diana Campbell or any of the Sungold Photogs but the $500 vendor fee is out of our budget. 76 days til we say I DO!! I'm super excited!

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    Info was very useful, thanks everyone that posted. I'm thinking of renewing my vows and was not sure about the photo packages, now I'm starting to consider using the resorts photographer. Also loved the info about timing, think I rather do it early and enjoy the rest of the day.

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    wow mj09, I love your pictures. It builds my confidence in the resort. Now I can hardly wait 2 get married there and use the resort photographer as well.

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    Hi Danya,

    We decided to go with Stacey Clarke as our photographer. Stacey was the easy choice for us. Her website is very professional and her pictures capture exactly what we are looking for. I think she is going to be a blast to work with. She has no idea what she is getting herself into taking our photos, as we are a bunch of goof balls.

    The resort fee was not in our budget either. With only our two best friends coming along with us we wanted to make sure we captured our day the best that we could so our families could see. We decided that we would make it work with our budget.

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