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    A "Pass the Torch" ceremony was held Tuesday night. Angela and Tim passed him on to us. He is exhausted with after a day on the One Love Bus Tour with Lenbart.

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    Thank you yazmon. That was fantastic that you introduced a new Torch to CSA. I am looking forward to meeting Torch v3 in 261 days. Can't wait to return.

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    We will be there April 12th and would love to take the Torch to our wedding and will make an exception for our beach dinner for 2 and make it dinner for 3!!

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    OK now, it has been over a week with no word of Torch's adventures....Did he slip away into someone's carry on and leave CSA again?

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    I'm starting to worry about Torch also. I'm hoping to meet him in September.

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    How fun! We'd be honored to carry (the) Torch when we're there in May 2014!

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    We'll be there on May 26th. We'd love to look after Torch!

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    We arrive on Saturday (yeah, THIS Saturday, April 20... If Torchie needs some company for the week, we'd be honored!

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    I hope we get to meet Torch v3 in June!!!

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    How many torches are out there now? I was hoping to adopt one for our honeymoon in September lol!

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    will be in CSA may 3-11, would welcome Torch to join us

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    Any news or sightings???

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    There are actually three Torches. The original that is MIA, that Jeff and Mary Beth purchased, v2 is the old man in the photo and v3 is the skinny guy on the left. My wife fell in love with v2, so we have him here in Illinois. We then purchased v3 to leave at CSA.

    As a clarification on this-- we actually purchased v2 & v3 when we were at CSA the first week in March. We had so much fun with v2 that we decided to have a Torch with us back in Illinois. Our plan is to take him out to a few of our favorite spots and post more pictures of him. v3 may still be at CSA. We haven't heard from him in awhile.

    When you get to CSA check with the guys at the Watersports hut and see if the have him. This was supposed to be his holding area where we could pass him off. If he is not there, talk to Junior (aka the Mountain Man), he is the stocky vendor, on the beach. He is a great guy and we always buy a few of his wood carvings. If he doesn't have a "Rasta Mon" with him he can make one in a couple of days. The going rate is about $30.
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    My Husband and I will be at CSA April 30- May 8 and we love to have Torch for a day or 2.

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    We are there May 5-12th and will look for Torch!!!

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    Any new sightings?

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    Ill be at CSA 8/17-24, I'm guessing the torch man is no more?

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    Quote Originally Posted by christianautumn View Post
    I'm guessing the torch man is no more?

    I have been assuming this little tradition we tried to start has been dead since Early April of 2013. It looks like lack of knowledge about this "thing" and difficulty in setting up passes caused the whole thing to fizzle out by the second or third pass on every Torch we tried. It seemed to me that most people just didn't want to deal with having to locate strangers while on vacation.

    Thanks to all who tried, especially Dentalgal and Yazmon. Unfortunately it looks like this tradition we tried to start is just not taking hold.

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    hey there... we were @ couples n' i was sooooooooooo impressed as were the 'guests' that had torch when i spotted him after landing 2 hours earlier!!!! hubby thought i was nuts going???? what are you talking about...n' im actually ecstatic going...THATS TORCH!!!!!

    needless to say we took pictures but the group that had him? wasnt going to let us continue on with torch...but instead told us they had already arranged/prepared a passing of the torch ceremony with their we said sure n' dont forget to leave him at the scuba which they went???? aka they never heard of leaving him there...:O(

    NOW that i was finally able to get around/thru the hoops to register for the forum? ill go n' get the pictures we have WITH TORCH!!!

    hugs as always to all.../me...

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    Justame!!!!! When were you there? We haven't had a siting in quite a while!

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    What "Torch" lives ? Is he the original or v 3 ? Please we need info !! : )
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    We are arriving to CSA THIS Saturday, 9/28.
    We would love the honor of passing the torch (and of course having the torch passed to us!)
    No matter what, I will be searching the grounds and all of his favorite places while there to find him and update those interested!

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    Hi Jeff, im thinking this is a hoax since we haven't heard from "Justame" in 3 + weeks but rest assured that when we get there at Thanksgiving we will look all over for "Torch". : )
    CSA 2013
    CSA Torch holder 2012 "ANT"
    CSA 2011

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    Quote Originally Posted by dentalgal View Post
    Hi Jeff, im thinking this is a hoax since we haven't heard from "Justame" in 3 + weeks but rest assured that when we get there at Thanksgiving we will look all over for "Torch". : )
    just a quick note to say sooooooo sorry for taking this long to get back 'home'...n' *looks at dentalgal...nope not a just a mom n' moms dont do stuff like that...:O(

    n' wow on it being 3+weeks...just shows how fast time flies in real life...aka when not at csa...hehehe

    please see the images below...
    torch 1...was me finding him after only about 2 hours of our arrival... the group...aka hubby n' i met them with torch...

    torch 3... is THEIR passing along ceremony...n' *whispers...i still think he should have left with hubby n' /me...n' after we had a day or two with him? then i would have taken him to the 'scuba shack'...

    hugs as always n' again sorry for the delay...:O(
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    just a quick note to see if this posts 'quicker' than my first one that had the three images on it...something about a moderator has to 'approve' it first? so /me patiently waits to make sure the previous post shows...:O)

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