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    Default The Official Pass the Torch Thread -- PLEASE READ if you have a trip coming up soon!!

    First and most importantly this is meant to establish a fun and hopefully lasting tradition for the meetup threads at CSA!!!!!

    Meet Torch. In this picture he is enjoying the view from our balcony verandah of our Atrium suite (2222)

    Torch was acquired by Dentalgal and her Awesome Boyfriend (Angela and Terry) on their trip to CSA the last week of November 2012. They were leaving the morning of Dec 1 and we were arriving on Nov 30th. Since we knew each other from our 2011 trips I made a comment in the Dec 2012 meetup thread that we would be at CSA to take the torch from the November people and pass it on to those on the December meet up thread. Well, Angela being the smart girl she is decided that the "torch" should be real and a physical object that we can pass from one group to the next as we visit CSA. Hence our new little buddy, Torch!

    Here is torch enjoying a beef pattie:

    The idea is that we use the CSA meet up threads to arrange the passing of "the Torch" from one couple to another each week, and see how long we can keep this going. If you are lucky enough to hold the torch please share his company with everyone who would like to visit him. Most importantly though, try to set up and complete a clean pass off to the next group!!

    A few suggested ground rules. These are definitely open for discussion.

    • Torch should never be a burden. If having the Torch will interfere at all with your vacation please do not ask for him, or offer to have him visit you.
    • Please respect the Torch. Don't abuse him, or glue or staple stuff to him. Our hope is that he will be around for decades!!!
    • If you have been responsible for holding the Torch, even for just a few hours, feel free to use the title "CSA Torch Holder" in your CMB signature.
    • Do not photograph Torch doing things that are illegal, that violates Couples Resorts policies, or that violates the CMB rules.

    A few things we have learned about Torch since we met him:

    • He loves to have his picture taken. Especially with women. He fancies himself "a playa". He is also really a ham and loves to "photobomb" people. Please post Torch pics in this thread for all to see!
    • He loves the Martini Bar and the Aura Lounge. So much so you have to remember to get him to make him leave with you or else he will stay there all night.
    • Torch loves adventures. He also loves shenangigans. Keep it FUN though.
    • Torch does not like bad attitudes. Keep him away from those people.
    • Torch enjoys meeting new people as much as visiting with old friends.

    We really hope this becomes a lasting and fun tradition. If it takes hold I will start a "Fans of the CSA Torch" Facebook page, and administer a Torch twitter feed for his pictures.

    Let me know what y'all think!!!

    Jeff ( & Marybeth ) AT CSA RIGHT NOW!!!!
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