Hello everyone - ahhhh We are getting married in 19 days now.. and to Swept Away in 21! I absolutely CAN'T WAIT! I had a few questions about excursions - We do want to spend as much time as possible laying on the beacH BUT we also want to see some of Jamaica. How safe is it to travel outside of the resort?

My Future HUSBAND (wow that sounds good would like to do some shopping - how are the shopping trips from the resort? Should we venture our on our own?

I really want to see Margaritaville ... I know, I know overpriced drinks etc. BUT I want to see it... Is that something we can book from the resort?

I keep hearing about the catamaran cruise and a glass bottom boat trip. The catamaran: is this something we have to book or can we just show up? The glass bottom boat: I don't see anything about it on the website so I 'm guessing it's from an outside vendor? Anyone know about that? Cost/sign up etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Emily and Mike