We are booked for our first Couples experience (CSS) for two weeks over Christmas and New Years. Prior to this we patronized Excellence resorts but decided to give you a try.

Looking forward to the experience. Rave reviews about staff going out of their ways to provide good service.

However, a recent reviewer on tripadvisor states that the much raved about Red Stripe beer is not included and must be bought. Is this true and if so, why would you charge for a local beer? Do you charge to fill the mini bar only or is the charge throughout the resort?

The same reviewer comments that you also charge for higher end liquor. Is this true and where does the charge apply...just the mini bar or the entire resort?

Finally, the comment was made that the open bars have been running out of the higher end liquor. Can you advise what we can expect?

You can check out the comments by Beloro at:
Couples Sans Souci (Ocho Rios, Jamaica) - Resort (All-Inclusive) Reviews - TripAdvisor

Looking forward to our time and we hope the described experiences were just a bad confluence of circumstances.