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    We fly out on Boxing Day and I thought I was very organised - I've had our suitcases (yep, two big cases - we're getting married at CSA and I find it impossible not to overpack whenever we go anywhere!) out for over a month and most of our clothes/swimming costumes were packed ages ago... And yet, somehow, with two days left, there seems to be loads that still needs to be done before we go!!

    My fiancé is useless though - this is why us wives/girlfriends are crazy - because our husbands/boyfriends leave us to do all the prep work by ourselves!

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    i usually start laying clothes out over a month in advance. i feel like it's part of me really "getting my money's worth" because the excitement of the trip lasts for so long. however, this time I packed a few days out, with a little less enthusiasm. Being very pregnant i did not plan as many cute outfits or my usual list of "to do's" every day.
    i am still crazy, but can appreciate just relaxing about packing now too. however, next trip we will actually plan further than 90 days out. we will see how nuts i go with that one.

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    Default husband is the crazy one. He starts stacking stuff 3 weeks before and then I need to remind him we are just bringing carryons. He needs five bathing suits but not 10 shirts and 8 shorts and 5 pants. Again I need to remind him he brought too many clothes the year before. LOL

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    We pack the day before. We love being at Couples, but we do not enjoy the travel experience much at all. Hence the procrastination.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spiff542 View Post
    My wife owns her own business. Every single year she decides she simply must do a mountain of work the last day before we leave and basically pulls an all nighter. This culminates in her coming into our bedroom two hours before we need to leave, turning on every light and making tons of noise. She never notices that I had been, until that point, peacefully sleeping. While she packs, and I do not sleep, she subjects me to a very intense interrogation about the exact details of what I have already packed, and then renders a verdict about whether I have gotten any of it right. Did I mention she's a former prosecutor? For the record, I never have gotten it right. I'm 0-5-1 in packing correctly according to her. She gave me the "tie" for our honeymoon.

    So next time you think your wife is nuts for packing early..... REMEMBER THIS STORY, and thank your lucky stars.
    Okay... this is just halarious!! Made me laugh out loud - a few times!!

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    We are Brits and travel to CSA in Feb and I feel really lucky that my wife falls into the crazy category. The Xmas decs will be going back into the loft and the suitcases will be coming down. Susan will have finished the vast majority of the packing by the end of next week. If it was left to me it would be done on the morning of departure with everything just thrown in.

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    If I am lucky, I get the Jamaica clothes out of the closet and do a fashion show to see what is getting packed early. I think this last trip I had a majority of the bags packed at 5 days out...usually it's the day before! Maybe I should do it 30 days out so I am not so stressed out

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    Our countdown clock says 89 days 19 hours and I made my husband try on all of his summer clothes this week. After they are washed, they will go into the suitcase, except the shirts which are hung together in the closet. I have an open suitcase on the floor, and have been just throwing stuff into it as I remember, that will not be needed prior to our trip. So, I am the crazy wife who is packing at 3 months out! Can't wait to get to CSA!

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    Dave&Susan - when will you be at CSA? We are from East Sussex and will be there for a week from 17th Feb (after a week at CN) - it will be our 4th trip to CSA and our 7th stay at a Couples resort.

    I'd love to start packing but we have to look after our little grandaughter for the last week of January whilst our daughter, her husband and our 4 year old grandson go skiing - and I'm aftaid she'll make a bee line for the suitcases and unpack everything - you know what 2 year olds are like!

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    We are from the most British men he knows zero about packing.

    I never pack anything until the day before we leave. But I do buy sandals and other vacation wear long before then.

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    WOW, finally we are single digit midgets. 9 days to paradise. The think the rolls have changed now, because I'm starting to worry about not having packed anything yet. LOL
    Hope everyone has a safe trip and we will see you on the beach.
    Scott and jen

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    Dawn - Packing just about completed. We fly out of Gatwick on the 9th Feb for 11 nights at CSA. See you on the beach soon.

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    I am a crazy wife. I have to pack for my husband because he is clueless. About a year ago I discovered spacebags for travel. You don't need a vacuum to for it and roll it to get the air out. When I brought them home my husband sucked his teeth and rolled his eyes. Means I can pack ahead of time and more importantly pack MORE STUFF that I don't wear. LOL!

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    We started buying clothes, shoes, etc a few months back and we don't leave until April 27 and we have already got the luggage packed for the first test run.

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    20 to go and haven't packed a thing, you guys are making me crazy! hahaha

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    I think I am the exception to the rule then. I blitz pack everything on the morning before our flight, before we drive to the airport later that day (we stay over at the airport the night before).

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    We don't leave for another89 days and I so want to bring down the bags NOW. So even with 34 trips behind us, the next one is always like the first time.

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    3 weeks from today we will be back to CSS. I started packing today. I have to admit - this post made me put it off til now. I am a crazy wife - but it's harmless - unless my husband stubs his toe on my suit case again!

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    we finally leave in 3 days and I have my luggage packed. LOL we'll see everyone on Thursday at CTI. have a couple dirty bananas with extra shots ready for us.
    Scott & Jen

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    I have a picture in the same spot, hahaha
    Our kids thought we were both lost it.

    Life is good

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    Guess I'm a crazy wife too. More like a stressed nurse ready for a vacation! I've had the suitcases out, toiletries and first aid stuff gathered, and most of my clothing set aside for about 2 weeks already. My husband is now stressing about not having enough bathing suits, and we're 9 days away from our first trip to CTI! Wish we were there already!

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    Tell him 2 or 3 bathing suits should be plenty. Have fun!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by janda View Post
    Guess I'm a crazy wife too. More like a stressed nurse ready for a vacation! I've had the suitcases out, toiletries and first aid stuff gathered, and most of my clothing set aside for about 2 weeks already. My husband is now stressing about not having enough bathing suits, and we're 9 days away from our first trip to CTI! Wish we were there already!

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    I think Couples just has an effect on us women! I sadly do not get to revisit couples until May 2014 for my honeymoon but I am already so excited I cannot stop thinking or talking about it! If your wife is anything like me it just an excitement that you cannot kick I believe I was starting to pack about a month or so before our last trip to so no she is not crazy...pretty normal in my eyes Have a wonderful trip!

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    66 days and I'm online shopping for swim suits, sandals and dresses! As soon as they arrive, I will be packing

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    10 more days, nothing packed, that's what next weekend is for,today it's all about football, Go Ravens!!!!!!!!

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