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    Default More info (and pictures) of One Love Package with guests..?

    We are getting married September 5th 2015, and we went with the One Love complimentary package since the Tropical Package upgrade is $750 (which we aren't too happy about, considering we were told over the phone that the Tropical package would only be $250 to upgrade). We have 9 guests attending the ceremony, and we're wondering how big the cake is that they provide for you. We're thinking of adding extra cake/cupcakes (and maybe extra champagne), but if we don't have to, we aren't going to. Anyone have pics of the ceremony for the One Love package that would show us a better idea of everything?? We also wanted to go to an on-site restaurant after the ceremony to celebrate. Has anyone done this before? It's obviously way cheaper than paying for a private reception.

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    We got married in July. Upgraded to the Tropical package, wedding on the beach, did the Private reception in the Piano Bar and the we hired the Mento band for 2 hours. They Played on the beach and in the piano bar. it was very nice. We intended to to get the small Photo package. I think that was $55. But the Photogapher took nice photos of us all over the resort. (and they looked Good) you had to wittle em down to the one you wanted. I'm sure everyone can guess how that went. I think we ended up with 20 wedding photos and 15 pictures they took of us around the resort. Our Resort Credits helped take the bite out of the cost. We also upgraded our Complimentary Couples Massage to a Treehouse massage. Great Job Couples Negril! We ha 10 guest 4 from other resorts. We had to get day passes for but dinner was arranged at Heliconia. We couldn't do Oleheiti or Lychee because they are popular with the other guest. The Couples Wedding Coordinator. I think her name was Sasha took care of all arrangements. The cake was gorgeous. We used our own cake topper and toasting glasses but they include their couples glasses and topper. The cake was plenty big. We left a lot of it for the staff. The same thing with the reception food there was just so much and we didn't want to take it home with us

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