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    Default A New Years "get to know you" thread

    I still haven't heard anything about the New Years theme for the year, but thought I would introduce myself and my husband and see if anyone else that will be at CSS for New Years wanted to add their info as well (I have to admit I totally stole this idea from the couples that are going later in Jan)

    Name: Desiree & Donnie
    Ages: both 29
    How many times to Couples: 2
    Trip Dates: Dec29 - Jan 5
    Where are you from: Live in Norther VA, from CT
    What are you looking forward to most: The food, the ocean, and the hospitality
    Drink(s) you're looking forward to: The chocolate monkey!
    Kids: 0, but a Dog named Dr. Rossi
    The one thing you recommend people don't forget: a coozy
    Level of excitement (1-10): 10!

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    Names: Suzzette & Karl
    Ages: 51-57
    How many times to Couples: This is trip #6 to CSS@
    Trip Dates: Dec 28 - Jan 4
    Where are your from: Live in Orlando, FL
    What are you looking forward to most: Resting and Relaxing; the staff; the food and drinks; EVERYTHING
    Drink(s) you're looking forward to: Me: Rum Punch and Filthy Dirty Grey Goose Martini; Hubby: Red Stripe
    Kids: 3-All out of the house--we are empty-nesters
    The one thing you recommend people don't forget: Bug spray and sunblock
    Level of excitement

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    Hi Desiree and Donny,
    My name is Holly and my boyfriend, Chris and I will be there the same dates that you are going. We are so excited!!!! What excursions do you have planned? We are doing the Horseback riding, Dunn's falls, catamaran and either snorkeling or scuba diving. I would have to take the class and I'm not sure that I can do it. We'll see though.
    Do you have any idea what they are doing for New Year's Eve there? I've read other posts but they don't give a lot of detail. We are trying to decide what to pack to wear for that evening.
    We are 49 and 50, but I promise you we certainly don't look it or act it. I'm trying to attach a photo, but I can't seem to get it to work. Send me a quick email to and I'll send you a pic back.
    It would be nice to look forward to seeing someone there that you "kinda" knew.
    Safe travels

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    Hi Desiree & Donnie...I haven't met you before but I can tell you that I like you already. Those are whiskey barrels behind you ...right??

    We are much older, in late 50s, staying Dec 22 to Jan 6. First time to Couples, Looking to just get away. Kids grown up, two airedales and a Persian cat. Aberlour A'Bunadh Scotch...enough said.

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    Hi All,
    Angela and Les from RI. We've been married for 32 years, have no children and love to travel.
    We will be there 12/27 to 1/3.
    This will be our first visit to CSS but we have stayed at CN 3 times and really enjoyed our time there.
    I can't wait to sit by the beach or pool and relax. Name:  A & L FL (800x721).jpg
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    We're definitely excited, and ready to meet everyone! I haven't heard anything about a theme for New Years, but rumor is that they usually have one. The only advice that I've gotten is to bring a light jacket, because it's still a little chilly this time of year. This is our first time at at CSS, but we've been to CTI and loved it. We may be a little younger, but age is just a number. We just like to have a good time and good conversation.

    Can't wait to see you all there!!! Keep posting!

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    Oh also....HsinNc, we'll definitely be doing Dunns River, the Catamaran Cruise, and some scuba!!! Anyone interested in signing up for the same day for Dunn's river?

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    Hi dondesi,
    Just wanted to let you know that CSS doesn't have a catamaran cruise, I believe there is a reef that prevents a catamaran coming ashore, but it does have a glass bottom boat trip that's nice.

    We arrive at CSS on December 28th, hope we get a chance to meet!

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