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    Default Trouble deciding between CTI and CSS

    Hello everyone!

    First off I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Shari and I am from Montreal. I have been peeping around the forum for a couple of days now but this is my first official post. So, hello everyone!

    This will be my 7th All Inclusive vacation however my first Couples experience. My boyfriend and I have been to 3 AI in DR in the past. We've always chosen hotels that were a little busier and welcome to all ages. We've always had a wonderful time however we often found there to be too many party animals at these hotels.

    We will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary in March and wanted to do something a little more special and intimate. We've done quite a bit of research and were very excited when we fell upon the Couples chain.

    HOWEVER, we are now COMPLETELY stuck between CSS and CTI. Our #1 priority is to relax and get away from the hectic city and work life.

    Both of these resorts look absolutely stunning but we just can't seem to find the "difference" between them. One thing that is pulling us towards CSS is that the room has a large tub in it. However, CTI looks a little bit more modern and fresh.

    I was hoping that some of the experts here can give me some feedback on both of these options and some suggestions. Again, our main priority is to really just relax and reconnect with each other.

    Another thing we were wondering about is if we are able to use the pools (whether AN or not) in the evening? This is something we've been dying to try during all of our previous travels however we have never been able to.

    Thank you guys for taking the time to read and I look forward to dreaming with you all!


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    A question that has been asked by so many. Which one to choose.

    Well, the truth is, you can't go wrong with either choice. The answers you get from any of us, will be just a bit bias. In my case, we have 34 trips to CTI. And you're right about CTI looking a bit more modern. It just went through a complete renovation just a few years ago. It's even more breathtaking than the pictures you see. There are about 226 rooms at the resort. Some with ocean views, others with garden views. It is nothing short of spectacular.
    The Au Natural island is unique and completely private. There is a boat that runs from 9am to 5 pm. It will go anytime someone wants to go. It has a swim up bar, and food is brought out daily. Two caveats:
    The island closes at 5pm each day and there is not much area for swimming off the island.

    CSS has less rooms, but gorgeous grounds and quiet little nooks that you can spend hours at doing nothing. The Au Natural area is a real beach that you can swim in and take floaties out. The swim up bar is three times as large as Tower Isle. Food is served there as well. You can find lounge chairs around the pool as well as on the beach. And there is no boat to wait for, you can walk there anytime you like. It also does not close at 5pm. And the sunsets are out of this world.

    Both resorts will offer the finest food and drinks. And both will have staff that you will fall in love with. Entertainment nightly at both.

    Each resort has its own ambiance. So look at the virtual reality pictures of both places. One of them will call out to you, as they have done for so many people. We stayed at CSS only once and it was wonderful. You can also stay at one resort and do a trading places to the other one for the day. The best of both worlds.

    As I said earlier, you can not make a bad choice. At all four Couples resorts, the staff will simply amaze you. Everyone has their favorite resort of choice. You will too.

    I hope this helps you with your decision making.


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    Either resort you will be able to relax and having only been to css, the place rocks and you will have a blast. You can use the pools anytime as long as they aren't being cleaned. Enjoy!

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    This is my opinion and I was just at CSS yesterday for Trading Spaces day. The property at CSS is absolutely gorgeous and very tropical and a lot of people complain about all the stairs and I didn't think they were bad at all. It is part of the charm of the property. The views from the cliffs give you a wide clear view of the Caribbean. Whereas CTI is right at beach level and more compact, but in a good way. Most oceanfront rooms at CTI are within 20 yards from the sea so you can hear the waves crashing and rolling from all locations where at CSS, that doesn't happen. Because CSS sits in a cove, the water at the beach is flat, hardly any waves and the water at the beach at CSS is warm with a lot of cold spots from natural springs. You can be in the water and go 2 feet and the water temp will change 15 degrees.
    In my opinion, the food is better at CTI, the view looking out to the ocean and especially at the island is second to none and the staff is far superior at CTI. I bet we were there for close to 4 hours before the first staff member at CSS acknowledged us and asked if everything is OK, where at CTI you are constantly being asked if everything is OK, are you have a good time, etc. Not that is was bad at CSS, but very different from CTI.

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    Been to all Couples Resorts but have been to CTI the most(76 times). Need I add more?

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    We tried CSS a few years ago after staying at CN 3 times. We finally decided to try CTI this past September.

    We liked CSS a whole lot because if you want to try the a/n experience then Sunset Beach is a great place to begin. The rooms at CSS were nice. We had a room in 'A' block and we really enjoyed the big jacuzzi tub and the convenience of the Oceanfront rooms. The steps could be a problem but we did not go up the steps that often because most of the amenities are on the lower level.

    But, we like CTI better, in our opinion the restaurants were better and the staff was friendlier. Everything was close together but you still had room to spread out if you liked, if the swim up pool bar got to loud then we went over to the main pool. We spent one day on the island but you have to get there fairly early to get a great spot. The boat ride is only about 1 minute. We did not take any excursions because this was our 15th trip to Jamaica and we really just wanted to veg on the beach or at the pool all day.

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    Hi Shari,

    You're going to get lots of opinions because, frankly, everyone has their favorite Couples Resort (though you'd be hard pressed to find someone that wouldn't go to any one of them). That being the case we'll try to simply answer your questions without giving opinions (that's going to be tough). Here's what we find to be different:
    1) CSS is built on cliffs, has more space and is more spread out with room to roam and stairs to climb while CTI is more compact giving it more of a "hotel" feel.
    2) The beach at CTI is smaller but sufficient for relaxing and enjoying the sun while CSS has a larger (main) beach set within a cove.
    3) Both have an AN beach available but, as Crabracer pointed out, CTI's is seperate while the one at CSS is within walking distance.
    4) CSS has an AN hot tub that can be accessed after dark while the island at CTI is not (it's nice to sit naked in the hot tub and look at the stars with your sweetheart).
    5) CSS has the most awesome sunsets of the two (this is a big one for us).
    As has already been pointed out, no matter which resort you choose you'll be able to relax and reconnect. So it really comes down to personal preferance of which resort calls to you. Here's a link to pictures we've taken while at both resorts (please ignore the ones of CSA and CN) to give you some views that might help you decide: Flickr: ecsimson's Photostream.

    Have a wonderful stay at whichever Couples Resort you choose,

    Bart & Bug

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    I think all your questions were answered except one. At CSS you can go over to Sunset Beach anytime day or night and go AN. At CTI nudity is only allowed on the Island and the Island is not open at night.

    On a personal note, I have stayed at both. I liked that the entertainment staff came over to Sunset Beach and involved those who were interested in games. I also liked that food was available until 5pm and not just for an hour or so at lunch.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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