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    Default Wedding at CSA Review June 3, 2013

    Warning, long, but I included details to answer some of the questions I had before.

    My husband and I got married at CSA on Monday June 3, 11AM. We made the decision to get married, just the two of us because when it comes down to it, you only need 2 people to have a wedding. 11AM was a great time to get married because although it did not rain most days we were there, it did tend to get cloudy around 2-3PM each day.

    We chose Diana Campbell for our photographer (I have reviewed her services in a different thread). The resort photos we had seen looked good (and the pictures Martin actually took of us were beautiful), but the idea of having to select a small number of photos to keep the price reasonable, so quickly and never see the others again, made us sad. If the resort offered something comparable to what is offered by outside photographers, my choice would have been more difficult, but as it is currently, the choice of Diana was clear.

    When we got our room at check-in on Friday May 31, attached to it was information from the wedding office, informing us of a meeting with the Alecia, the wedding coordinator at 10:30AM the next morning. Also attached were coupons for a complimentary 25 minute couples massage.

    At our meeting, we went over basic details. We were getting the One Love package and did not upgrade anything. We made arrangements for Alecia to come to my room ahead of time to help with my dress, chose our t-shirt sizes, decided that we wanted to get married in the beach gazebo, etc. We also went over how we were walking in, and confirmed again (we had mentioned it ahead of time) that the service would be non-denominational.

    I booked my hair and makeup with Colinette at the spa a few weeks before arrival for 9AM on my wedding day. But when I spoke with Colinette at the resort to confirm my appointment, when she saw that my hair is on the longer side, she suggested moving the appointment up to 8:30.

    On my wedding day, I went to the spa at 8:30. Colinette was warm and friendly and welcoming. She got me a drink and started with getting my hair curled and pinned to my head. I was concerned that the humidity was going to kill curls, but she assured me she used good products, and it would be fine (it was!).

    Once my hair was pinned up, she started on my makeup. She used eye shadow in the purple family to complement the purple orchids of my flowers. I told her I wanted soft and natural makeup.

    When my makeup was about done, Colinette switched back to my hair. I had pictures of something along the lines of a waterfall braid half up half down kind of thing. Colinette assured me she could do something along those lines. I ended up with 2 thin braids going away from my face, with some pieces dropping out, pinned together in the back, and beautiful curls. When I saw the final product, I was so happy. She had created exactly the type of hair that I wanted for my wedding day. It looked absolutely gorgeous!

    She asked if I had any issues with my makeup., The eyeliner under my eyes was a bit thick/dark for my taste because I generally don't wear any under my eyes. She lightened it quickly and easily. It was still dark compared to everyday, but I am so glad I did not lighten it more because the makeup looked fantastic in pictures! I cannot say enough good things about Colinette. The biggest compliment I can probably give her is that I looked like a more beautiful version of me. My husband has complained that women often don't look like themselves on their wedding day, but when he saw my hair and makeup, he said I looked like me. My hair and makeup was probably done around 9:45, possibly as late as 10.

    Took some pictures in our room and at 10:40, Alecia arrived with boombox, t-shirts, etc. My husband headed downstairs toward the gazebo. Alecia guided me through back pathways of the resort, so my husband would not see me in advance. She set me up and said when I heard the music, to start walking.

    At this point, I met Martin, the resort photographer. He took a few pictures of me while I was waiting to walk in (I bought one of them because it came out beautifully). I walked in. Beautiful. Super quick easy service. Vows, rings, husband and wife, you may kiss the bride. Signed the certificate.

    Went to one of the gardens for cake. We had chosen the Jamaican fruit cake because I figured we could get vanilla or chocolate any time. My husband was a bit skeptical, so we also arranged for a piece of vanilla cake for him. We cut the cake (I bought Martin's photo of this because he captured both of our hands and rings very well), fed each other the cake. It was so hot at this point, but Antonette brought us both cold towels, which saved the day! Then we went to the garden gazebo for our first dance.

    Dinner that night had been booked in advance at Feathers. Wonderful, romantic. We bought the photo that was taken of the 2 of us that night, which turned out beautifully. My hair and makeup were still in tact in this picture, which made me happy.

    Overall, I had a fantastic experience getting married at CSA. I felt as though every detail was attended to the way it needed to be. In describing our wedding, my husband call it "the wedding of his dreams." It was beautiful, perfect, and romantic. I think the staff at CSA did an excellent job making it happen.

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    Congrats!! Your wedding sounded beautiful! We are getting married at CN in November. When you said your coordinator brought up the boombox, was that for the music you were playing for the ceremony. Did your coordinator operate this during your wedding? I just realized I have to ask our coordinator if we are to bring an Ipod or CD. We are having a large group join us, but opted out of hiring a DJ and are just bringing our own music for the reception.

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