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    Default CSA Wifi Access

    Is it good? Where are the best spots? We'll be there in 17 days. (Not that I'm counting)

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    It is passable, slow but adequate for checking email and some web surfing for news or sports scores and such. I would not plan on streaming movies or video. I even had trouble making a decent skype connection, though others have had good success at this. There seems to be a few "dead" spots around the resort and I have had to move around our room to find the best spot for optimal signal strength. I don't think there are any rooms that will be completely off the grid, but some will be better than others.

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    Resort wide. You'll have to determine the best areas. Can be spotty at times. Everyone seems to be using a Wi-Fi device or two. So naturally bandwidth will suffer.
    Ask for a Wi-Fi voucher when you check in.
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    Is the WIfi not included?

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    I took my laptop instead of my phone. I was in an atrium suite and didn't have any problems

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    We've used the wifi at SweptAway... out around the resort, the coverage is spotty, as others have noted. A few good spots are in the lobby, on the second floor of the Palms and in/around the GreatHouse complex. As you walk about the property, if you know what you're looking for, you can see the AP's (access points), but being very near to one does not guarantee good bandwidth, even if you get a good signal. This is due to so much utilization.

    Yes, the wifi is included, but don't get your expectations too high... this isn't your private home network.

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    I think it really depends on where you are in the resort. I had good service from my room but friends of ours that stayed near lobby did not. I spoke to alot of people that said service was spotty, but we were lucky enough to get a good hot spot. Rarely had problems.
    Again like others said remember this is not fast like at home, but it was not terrible for me either.
    Have a fantastic time!

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    Do ask for the wifi password at check in. Do use it asap as they expire quickly and are only good for 7 days if i remember correctly.
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