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    Default Repeat guest dinner

    Is the repeat guest dinner worth going to? We will be back at CSA in Feb with friends so im wondering if its worth skipping out on them for dinner.

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    No answers posted as of the time I am reading this (Tuesday, Nov. 6, 10:52 Eastern time), but I am certain everyone else's answer (mine included) will be a resounding "YES!" Your friends will be fine without you for a few hours, and the repeaters dinner is always great.

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    Yes. The food is much better and you get to meet the staff.

    Life is good

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    To each their own but we do really enjoy the repeaters dinner each year. The chance to socialize with the managers and staff is priceless and of course the food is always amazing!!!

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    Hi photochick,
    The short answer is YES the repeaters dinner is awesome. The long answer is it's the best meal of the week for us, especially getting to sit at the table and chatting with a Couples department manager all evening. On our second trip to CSA we went with two other couples. One of the couples had been to CTI and CSA with us before but the other couple were new to Couples. We felt bad leaving them after drinks to attend the repeaters dinner but they said it was nice that they had an intimate dinner alone without us that evening. There is live entertainment, an acoustic guitar player/singer and a soup to nuts surf & turf dinner. I must warn you that it is a long evening from the cocktail party to dessert but it is a very good time. We'll be back home in less than 4 weeks for our third repeaters dinner, but who's counting!
    Enjoy your time in Paradise,

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    Oh yes, IMHO it is definitely worth going to! Even though the food is exceptional at all of the restaurants, they do go above and beyond and prepare an extra special meal for the repeaters dinner. Also, you will get to sit with staff and management of the resort and the Couples chain and provide them with direct feedback about your experiences, likes, dislikes (how could there be any? :-), and ideas. Your friends will be fine on their own for one evening at one of the other wonderful restaurants and you will have plenty of time afterwards to hook up with them for more fun afterwards!!

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    Oh SO worth it!! Probably the best meal you'll have all week! YUMMM!

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    Have you done it before? It's worth attending once (or a few) times.

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    Absolutely! It is so much fun. The food is amazing and a person from the resort sits with the table. You get to meet other repeaters. I have been to 6 repeater dinners. I ha ve enjoyed all of them!

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    In my humble opinion yes it is. We had 4 couples with us last week at Swept Away 2 of the couples had never been there. We and the other couple who had left them for the dinner and we really enjoyed it. The couples who did not get to go went there own ways to other restaurants and had a blast and made some new friends. The repeater dinner is fantastic and getting to sit and talk with management and other returning guest is unique. We as there celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary and another couple was there celebrating their 40th as well and we did not know that or meet them until the repeaters dinner when we sat down and started talking. . Their date was 1 day earlier then our date. Mr Issa got up took the microphone and recognized both of us for our anniversaries which I thought was nice. Go and enjoy, let them explore a little on their own.

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    It is ok, if you have other plans, I would do that. It is nice, but hot and very noisy.

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    Sounds great! I am very excited! Any chance lobster will be on the menu? We always go in May so we miss it and this time we are leaving on Saturday so we will not be there for lobster night.

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    been to all of them and looking to number 14 in Dec!! There always GREAT!
    Randi & Sherri
    18x CSA repeaters
    1x CN

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    We always go and enjoy the repeaters dinner. The food is really good, and we enjoy meeting other repeaters (especially early in the week and have the opportunity to meet them again...).

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    Hey everyone! After reading all of your recommendations of the repeaters dinner my husband and I are really excited to go! But we have possibly ran into an issue... We will be arriving at MBJ around 3pm on Monday. Will we still get to go to the repeaters dinner? I know they send invitations to your room but since we are just checking in that day I'm afraid we won't get one. Anyone know how that would work?

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