We're so excited! We just booked our honeymoon for May 5-12 2013 at CSS. I know someone had asked earlier, but I can't seem to find the thread... when do people who booked directly online receive tickets, etc?

Also... I'm a chronic over-packer and have never stayed at a resort like this, so I was curious what people recommended packing in terms of clothing? How many nicer dresses, etc? Heels or no? How many bathing suits?

How does one go about booking private dinners?

How is the snorkeling off the beach? I know there are the trips, which we fully plan on utilizing, but we're snorkeling/diving junkies. I'm a coral reef ecologist and avid diver and have gotten my fiance hooked on snorkeling as well. He's not comfortable diving, but wants to spend as much time in the water as possible.