Hello everyone!

My husband and I honeymooned at CTI in Sep. of 2010. For our 3rd anniversary, we have booked CN for September of this year...and now I'm starting to second guess our decision.
We absolutely adored CTI- the facility, the staff, the food, the inclusions..all of it. We were looking to try another side of the island this time around, but also wanted to stick with a small resort so we selected CN. Now, I am worried.
It looks like a lot of the things we enjoyed about CTI are not available. We participated in lots of the social activities- tye n' dye, games at the swim-up bar, the newlywed game in the piano bar, facility tours, piano sing-alongs, etc. and it doesn't seem like CN offers any of these things (although they were listed as inclusions when we booked in April of last year). Are these things still available? Or did they discontinue these?
I am also concerned about the food. The food at CTI was really spectacular, specifically at Eight Rivers and Bayside. We ate at one of the two almost every night. Honestly, from the menus posted online for CN, I don't see much that appeals to me. How is the food? Are the menus posted online accurate representations of what to expect? I'm really not a buffet person and don't want to be stuck at one.
Any insight would be very helpful, especially if you have photos of the activity board, menus, etc.
Lastly, how is the weather on the Negril side of the island in September? We had a tropical depression pass by during our honeymoon at CTI which kept us out of the ocean, but the other activities and swim-up bar kept us busy.
Thanks for your help everyone!