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    Default CSS - Has there been a recent change in management?

    We are not ones to get hung-up on the odd negative review on TA as some people just don't have the experience that they were expecting. That being said, there seems to have been a few more not-so-glowing reviews of CSS over the past few months...what concerns us is that some of the reviews are from loyal CSS repeaters. CSS appears to be getting less positive reviews than the other Couples Resorts. Just wondering if there has been a change in management that may have led to a change in the atmosphere or condition of the resort?

    The reviews have left us wondering whether we have made the right choice to try CSS or if we should return to CN again. Last year we liked CN so much we encouraged two other couples to come to CSS with us this spring (2013). We booked several months ago now and at that time the positive TA reviews and forum comments, as well as the comments on this message board, helped us decide to give CSS a try instead of going back to CN. This will be their first Couples experience and we are hoping it will be as great as our first one was.

    None of us are looking for 5* opulance...just a beautiful lush & tropical resort with great service & food, good booze that is plentiful and clean well maintained rooms. A "drop and flop" with the option of partaking in activities should we choose.

    Not trying to be "Worrywarts" but our 45 day cancellation deadline is quickly approaching. Comments from any CSS first timers or repeaters who have been to CSS recently (past few months) would be welcomed, just as they were when we were researching the trip.

    Sorry for the long post, but my cup runneth over!
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