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    Default Bridgette's Sexiest Beaches, Jamaica on Travel Channel :)))

    Just watched the greatest and newest travel show on Jamaica...Bridgette's Sexiest Beaches episode on Jamaica! Dunn's River Falls, Mystic Mountain, Bob Marley, she does it all and you see exactly what it's like.
    I want to go to that cave bar in Negril!! Anyone know where that is or what it's called?

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    Default Ricks Cafe

    It's Rick's Cafe and is a beautiful place to watch the sunset. The report sends a bus that is free so dont pay the taxi was about 40.00, we learned the hard way. Very fun! Clif divers, good food and drink.

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    Default The Caves

    I've seen Bridgette's show from Jamaica. I think you are talking about a resort called The Caves. They have the restaurant with candles set in little nitches in the cave walls? Is taht the place yoe mean? Its on the way to Rick's. Its a resort but I think you can go to the restaurant/bar even if your not a guest there. I had looked it up myself cause I thought itlooked really beautiful!

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    It's The Caves restaurant at The Caves resort in Negril.
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    My wife loved that Jamaican swimsuit she had on. We have both tried to find it with no luck. Any chance anyone knows what to locate it????
    Jamaica Us Happy
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    Default Ohhh...

    Oh, that's Rick's? I will go next time then.

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    It's the Caves. We were planning a visit there back in May but just didn't get around to it. Next time... if we can bare to leave Couples that is!

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    I have never heard of this and cut out the advanced cable to save some money. What kind of food do they have and is it worth it to leave the resort for it? Also, what are the prices like? Do you need a reservation? It sounds really cool.

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    The Caves - where I hope to have my birthday dinner on our next trip - anyone ever been? Can't wait for Jamrock
    Ya Mon

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    THats a rerun from last year

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