Hi all,

We recently booked a trip to CSS (May 2013)... and so I've been hitting Trip Advisor to check out the reviews and see photos. I've read several complaints about the two buffet only nights at CSS... long lines, food going quick if you're not there first, luke warm, etc. Some opted for room service (only other option on those nights).

I've been to CN several times and I really enjoyed their outdoor buffets... although I remember one night we used the outdoor buffet for appetizers and then hit the main restaurant for dinner...

So my question is this: Are these complaints warranted at CSS? Is it the only Couples Resort that doesn't have another restaurant option for dinner? Any positive thoughts about the outdoor buffets? Is two nights a lbit much... maybe one night would be better? And if so, which one is best (the beach night or the lawn night) in case we opt to eat in for one of them?

Thanks all. Look forward to hearing your comments... love talking travel.