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    Default hairdryer and electric outlets

    My husband and I are heading to CN on Saturday. Wondering if I should bring my own hairdryer or is the one at the resort good? Also are the electrical outlets at CN the same as typical (Canadian/American) electrical outlets?

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    Hair dryers in the room work well. No need to bring your own. Yes, electrical outlets are standard US so no need for adapters.

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    If your hair is long or thick, I'd say bring your own dryer....the ones at the resort are low wattage and take a while to dry....

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    Mrs. Tallman always brings her own hairdryer - the ones in the room don't have enough umph to dry her thick hair.

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    Save the weight and space. The hair dryers are typical hotel dryers.

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    According to my girlfriend, if you have very long or thick hair, you will find the hair dryer to be insufficient for the task.
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    I know this is too late for the original poster, but just thought I'd reply anyway...

    We just got back from CN & here is what our hairdryer looked like in our room (gardenview 4305) (not good for long/thick hair):

    A plus is that they have put an outlet in the bathroom since we were last there (01/2006). Last time I had to dry my hair out in the bedroom.


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