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    Default Couples Negril Review (Dec. 12-19)

    Well, this was our 7th visit to Couples resorts. We have been to CSA 5 times and CTI once. Couples Negril (CN) is by far the sweetest place we have visited. We have been to many islands and determined Jamaica was home for us several years ago, but had not wanted to leave CSA and the beach. The beach at CN is equally beautiful and, in fact, calmer. The pace is much slower and less crowded since it is smaller. Everything is an easy walk away. The food, service and general atmosphere was heavenly. We brought friends who have traveled extensively both in the US and abroad. My girlfriends' comment after two days was "this is the best place I have ever been" that is an endorsement. The GM remembered us from CSA and hasn't seen us in two years. Mr. Bowleg is oustanding and it is shown in everything he oversees. We will be back (the sooner the better). Merry Christmas to all.

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    Wow! That's a great review and makes my decision even harder! My fiancee and I will be going to either CSA or CN late May 2013 and I'm torn between the two. I've heard that CSA has more of a relaxed, island feel while CN has a classy, resort feel. What would you say to that?

    The rooms seem to echo that looking at pictures of the two, and I think my fiancee would love the big bathroom in CN (and I would love the shower stall and separate jacuzzi tub!)

    We are in our early twenties, and while not party animals looking to go clubbing every night, we would like to enjoy different activities throughout the day and entertainment at night. Does one have more "going on" than the other? Can you offer any comparison between the two in this respect?

    Did you feel like the choices for restaurants and bars at CN was limited in comparison to CSA?

    Thanks in advance!

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    If you like clubing CN would diffinately not be the resort to stay at.

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