Well the final countdown is on! 45 days and we will be on our way to CSA for the second time! This time we are bringing 2 other couples with us! Neither of them have been to Jamaica before so we are very excited to introduce them to the place and people we love! I have a couple questions about our upcoming trip any help would be greatly appreciated.

Is Richard still working on the water sports staff? We really enjoyed getting to know him on our previous trip and would love to se him again.

We are arriving on a Monday afternoon. I know the repeaters dinner is that evening and we were really looking forward to attending. However I am unsure if we will get an invitation since we are arriving later on the day of the dinner. Anyone have experience with this?

This is the first time we are traveling in Feburary. Most of the time we travel for our anniversary in May but decided on a Valentines day trip this time. What do you suggest we wear on the plane? It will be cold when we leave Oklahoma and warm when we get to MoBay. I dont want to lug a coat with me.

My husband was wondering if you can still get the following dishes. He is very excited to get back to the delicious food at couples!

Fish tacos, Sweet potato chips and dips (specifically the jalapeño pumpkin dip) and self serve Red Stripe at Sea Grapes
Smoked marlin dip at Patios
Red Bull at the sports bar