I'm sure this has been discussed before on here, but for some reason I'm having difficulty with the search results, so I thought I'd start a new thread.

I'd love to get some opinions on if it is better to stay at one of the Couples resorts (CSA) in a worse room, or to switch resorts partway through our trip, so we have a better chance at getting nicer rooms at CSA and CSS?

Price isn't a consideration, it's more of a timing issue. We are hoping to spend 10 nights at an all inclusive in either April or May (followed by 3 nights at another resort at the cliffs), and it's looking like we waited too long to book for April or May at CSA for anything other than a Garden Verandah or Atrium Suite. We were hoping for at least Beachfront, but those appear to all be booked for 10 day stays, although there is some 4 or 5 night availability. Normally the room wouldn't matter so much to us, but this is going to be our last vacation before we start trying to have kids, so time to lounge around the room and sleep in is going to be important to us.

So what would you do? Book a room without a view for the full 10 days and not have to worry about a resort change, or split your stay between two resorts, in order to get nicer rooms with a view. Thanks in advance!