We are future honeymooners looking to book tonight, or this weekend the latest for a trip in May!

We are currently torn between CN and CSA. CSA looks like it has more to offer in terms of activities and amenities, but the rooms in CN look a bit nicer. I am still on the fence on the level of importance. I really like the beachfront verandahs, the thought of walking right out onto the beach is very appealing. Though I did see some photos from an earlier thread and people seem to be a stones throw away from patio, is it loud? I think it would take me a few days to be comfortable with people walking by our room at ground level like that, not sure yet.

My other question is about booking. When I go through the process on Couples site, it asks if I want to add on Club MOBAY VIP and describes 'Club MoBay VIP departure Lounge: Chic decor, complimentary snacks and drinks, free wifi and more.' (http://couples.com/club-mobay.pdf). Cost is $60 or $160 (not sure the difference, the item is listed twice with the same description but different pricing). On the "all inclusive" tab Couples lists "Round trip transfer to and from Montego Bay airport with exclusive access to Couples airport arrival lounge" is this not the same thing?

Just looking on clarification as to if it's worth it before I book, or if they are in fact the same offering (and is actually free). Thanks!