I thought I'd pass along a tip that I just discovered. You can save money on your airline tickets by purchasing them at the airport. I did this specifically with Spirit Air, but from what I understand, you can do this with other airlines as well.

I was investigating ticket prices online for our return to CSA in April 2013 and noticed a statement at the bottom of the web page that said something along the lines of "Prices are generally lower at the airport." So I Googled it and came to find out that one of the fees was a convenience fee for purchasing online. So I went to the airport and ended up saving $70 on two round-trip tickets! Hey... not a ton but when you have to pay all that extra $ for bags and such, every little bit helps!

Funny little tidbit of info as well... the base fair for our flights was $19 each way! Yes... only $19! HOWEVER, there are so many taxes tacked onto that that the total actually ended up at $370. So $294 in taxes and fees! Yeesh.

So if you're fortunate enough to live close to an airport, try it next time and let us know how it goes!