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    Default Canadians at CN: Feb 28-Mar 14

    Our 1st time in Jamaica was at CSS last year for 2 weeks and we were hooked!! Thought we would try CN this time (longer beach) and can hardly wait to be back in Jamaica again. Hope CN is as fantastic as CSS was.
    John (the "old guy with the beard") and Carol (the blond British lady :-))

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    My husband and I are looking forward to our first Couples experience Feb 27 to Mar 6 we decided on CN because of the beach and such great reviews!! We as well are Canadian, we will definitely say hi if we see the old guy with the beard and the blond British lady!!!

    Andy & Kathleen

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    Hey Andy & Kathleen
    After 5 or 6 years going to Mexico in the Spring, last year we went to CSS and were stunned at how fantastic everything about our 2 weeks at Couples Sans Souci was. The resort was like nothing we had experienced before, from some of the most incredible food, to wonderful staff, great entertainment every night, and absolutely perfect weather (even if we had a few moments of "liquid sunshine" :-)
    For what it's worth, after 9 or 10 days at the other resorts, we were ready to head home. Last year was the first time I have actually HATED to leave the resort. Plus, all it usually took was about 1 or 2 days back at work to lose that "vacation feeling", but after 2 weeks in "Heaven" last year, even months later it only takes a few seconds to remember how wonderful Jamaica was, and to be back there again in my mind - regardless of how crazy work is. You will love it.
    See you there,
    John & Carol

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