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    Default Our Beloved Charlie has passed away peacefully

    It is with great sadness that I announce that Charlie, the resident Sea Turtle, at Couples Sans Souci passed away of natural causes at an estimated age of 80 - 100 years old..

    A beloved fixture at Sans Souci since September 1951 and so named after the hurricane that brought her injured body to our shores, Charlie began exhibiting lethargic behavior over the weekend and a specialist was brought in to assess her. Despite all efforts, Charlie passed away peacefully and was laid to rest at sea yesterday.

    We plan to build a small memorial, including her preserved shell, near the grotto where she lived and was loved for so many years.

    Amazingly, as if a sign from above, another sea turtle has laid eggs on Sunset Beach. We are working with local authorities to determine whether or not we may place one of the hatchlings in Charlie's Grotto.

    Stay Tuned.
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