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    Default Citronella candles

    Just wondering if CN still provides those small citronella candles. We like to sit on the balcony at night, its nice to have the candle burning.
    One Love,

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    Great question - it has been 5 long years since we visited our heart's home and can't wait for April 27th

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    Not sure about CN. But CSA has them available upon request. They used to have them in the romms up until a few years ago. We get them by asking housekeeping. Also they sell them in the gift shop and airport too. We love them

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    DO you mean the NOsquitoe candles? They were not available last Feb.! Only a can of spray! We loved the scent of those NOsquitoes candles in a can, but cannot find them back in the states!

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    Thank you, I will ask house keeping!!
    One Love,

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    We load up on them when we are visiting. I love those candles. We gave them as bonus presents one Christmas and everyone likes them. I hope they are still available for use at CSA this October.

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