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    This is fabulous news. As much as I love Jamaica, I'd love to try out other locations in the Carribean. Bravo!!!

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    Janice and Keith in FL

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    Default Cool!

    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post

    Montego Bay January 2, 2013- Glenn Lawrence CEO Couples Resorts, and Anthony King Chairman of Casuarina Beach Club Limited, announced today that Couples Resorts and Casuarina Beach Club Limited are involved in firm negotiations concerning the 280 room Almond Casuarina Beach Resort, in Barbados. These negotiations are expected to conclude on or before January 31st, 2013 at which time a more detailed statement will be issued.

    During the negotiations, the operations of Almond Casuarina Beach Resort will continue normally and all forward bookings under the Almond Casuarina Beach Resort brand will be honoured up to May 31stst, 2013. After this date, it is intended that the Resort will be re-branded, at which time the Resort will be operated under the Couples Resorts brand umbrella.

    About Couples Resorts:
    Couples Resorts, headquartered in Montego Bay, Jamaica, owns and operates four properties in Jamaica – Couples Tower Isle, Couples Sans Souci, Couples Swept Away and Couples Negril. Pioneered by the legendary Abe Issa, “the father of Jamaican tourism,” each Couples Resort is an unsurpassed model of the all-inclusive resorts concept, boldly designed with local inspiration to create a harmonic sense of nature and authentic Caribbean spirit. For over 35 years, Couples has delighted guests and refined the Caribbean all-inclusive resort experience by providing unparalleled service, exceptional dining experiences and exclusive added value inclusions. For further information please visit Romantic Getaways At All Inclusive Couples Resorts In Jamaica | Couples Resorts Jamaica.

    About Almond Casuarina Beach Resort:
    The hotel known as Almond Casuarina Beach Resort, which was for several years managed by Almond Resorts Inc, is the property of Casuarina Beach Club Ltd which is owned by Goddard Enterprises Limited, The Barbados Shipping & Trading Co. Limited and Almond Resorts Inc. (“Owners”). This announcement follows on from the decision of the Owners to divest their investment in Casuarina Beach Club.

    Stay Tuned. More details will be announced by the end of next week.
    Hope it will be Adults Only. Says it`s a family place on the website. Just sayin.
    Ere De Fun Don Done
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    Cool Runnings eh!

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    Default Couples Barbados

    Hi Randymon,
    We met Mr. Lee Issa when we were in CN for 3 weeks at the end of November when he told us the company was looking to buy in Barbados (we had a long chat about other things as well and he was very helpful to us). We are in the process of looking to book our holiday for this year and wondered if you (or him) have any forward prices in mind as we need to book very quickly. My email address is if you need any further info. Many thanks. Sharon Ive

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    Wow! Great news! When looking into maybe trying a different island ,Barbados was my first choice.Almost went last year instead of our usual Couples vacation but in the end I didn't want to chance being disappointed. Keeping fingers crossed that I"ll be booking Couples Barbados real soon! Oh..guess I'm making assumptions there.. Will it be a couples only resort?

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    Sooo exciting! Can't wait to book our this resort!

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    If my CTI family can't be flown out for the week we stay, I'll pass.

    Congrats to the Couples family, however!

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    sounds exciting! But the question still remains if it will change from a family resort to a Couples ONLY?!

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    Barbados + Couples = AWESOME!

    But just curious....what happened with the negotiations with Breezes???
    Pam Brown
    Norman, OK
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    Can't wait to see & hear more! Mentioned this to the hubs & he said but the flights longer.... (sigh) I'd love to see & visit Barbados. Razzl

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    We are all very excited to introduce our new Barbados Baby...

    To those who have asked, once the resort is re-branded as Couples Barbados, it will be offered to adult couples only. No children.

    This is what has appeared in Jamaica's Gleaner Couples buying second largest hotel in Barbados - Business - Jamaica Gleaner - Friday | January 4, 2013

    More to follow next week.
    Last edited by Couples Resorts; January 4th, 2013 at 03:21 PM.

    Couples Resorts

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    Hello 40th bday-5 year anniversary vacation. Sooooooo happy! Can't wait to hear more

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    I'm willing to bet my next Couples vacation this April that of course it will be Adult Only just like their other 4 properties. I cannot see them moving into a new market under the Couples brand name. With that said, it is great news Randy! Barbados is somewhere I always wanted to visit. With so many Couples loyalists I bet it will book up solid for a year within a month...

    Here's an idea, have an online contest for Romance Rewards members to win a 1 week all expenses paid trip! I like that idea. lol

    Again, congrats to Couples Resorts!


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    Interesting choice of a new Couples location. We will be waiting for details such as adults only, rates, etc. In the mean time we will be looking forward to CSS and CSA next December 2013

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    Exciting News!!!! We were at Almond Beach Casuarina last year and commented how it would make a great Couples Resort. It has great potential and the Couples Team will do it right...... I see a winter 2014 booking in our future!!
    Dick Trickle & the Lazy Beatch
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    Couples Barbados.... Soon Come!!

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    We were married in Barbados in 1998 and have wanted to go back, but we have loved Couples Negril so much for the past 5-years (annual trip in November), now we won't have an excuse to not go back to Barbados because we could enjoy Couples too!
    Don & Denise

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    Flights will be much more restricted than the ones to Jamaica, a lot less choices. Much more travel time, probably add in an overnight to get there before midnight. Check out the flights from your city to BGI to see what I mean, especially for those of us in the Midwest, North & West. Barbados is a really nice Island, maybe not as nice a beach as Negril though. No where near the poverty you see in JA.

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    I am very excited about this!!!! I'm absolutely going to check this one out once it is re-branded! As long as it is converted to couples-only, that is =)

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    Getting to Barbados from the US is a big chore. Are there any direct flights from any major airports?

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    Most resorts are set up for families and that is one big reason why we come back to Couples, no screaming kids...just romance and fun in the air. Very few options exist out there for people without young kids or those looking to excape young kids for a short break from their own family routine.
    We were married at CSS and have been back to various Couples Resorts each year since. If Barbados will be "couples only" then we are there! I think this policy helps make Couples work so well. They can focus on what makes a romantic vacation work and not worry about baby sitting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IACouple View Post
    Right now they allow families, will that trend continue? Please say yes
    umm... if they are branding as "Couples" I would assume it will be couples only. I sure hope so.
    We intersperse our trips to Couples with other locations just to see (or dive) different places, but we always miss Couples, not only for the fact is is adult/couples only, but also for the exceptional inclusions and friendly personal service.
    After trips to Costa Rica, Maui and Aruba since our last Couples trip in 2011, we are so ready to come "home" ...but perhaps to a new home in Barbados this time. We've only been there once, on a cruise, but we liked it. So we shall be watching and waiting to hear the outcome...

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    we have been to the Almond Beach Resort on the west coast, and also to the Casuarina resort on the south coast. Which of these is the new "couples" resort in question??

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    Congratulations!! Looking forward to seeing how everything unfolds!

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    In 2011 Wife an I took our First ever trip to Couples Resorts,, Tower Isle for our 25th wedding anniversary vacation, And we were Amazed
    How long before the Barbados Resort Is branded as Couples an we cant expect Couples only Amazing service?
    And of the 3 pools on this property will one or someplace on beach be clothing optional? We cant wait ourselves to find out more!

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    While the idea of another option is exciting, unfortunately when I check the airline fares from Charlotte, it appears to be significantly more than to Jamaica. We love Couples, and have been to all 4 of the Couples resorts, but what makes Couples and Jamaica special is the Jamaican people. And the combination of the Jamaican people and Couples makes it a rewarding and winning experience. We are delighted to see Couples offer additional choices, and are hopeful that there will be another resort under the Couples banner in Jamaica.

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