We had great intentions! After 5 wonderful trips to Negril, we decided it would be fun to explore the other side of the island. Why?? I really don't know. The result: a booking at CSS for March, 2013. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

What were we thinking? We LOVE THAT 7 MILE BEACH!!! Everything about it....the beach vendors, long walks on white sand, the amazing sunsets....We've heard of sand gravity - but this is Negril gravity, and we shouldn't have messed with it!

I cannot imagine exiting the Montego Bay Airport and turning left. Nope. Not this time.

With 78 days on the countdown clock, we called Couples and changed the reservation to our much-loved CSA. Thanks so much to Sherene at the reservations desk for making this possible. While it cost us a $300 resort credit, I cannot explain how relieved and excited we are!

I am sure that CSS is a fantastic property and one that should be experienced at least once, but we just couldn't do it this time.

CSA - We've missed you and cannot wait to return!!