I know I picked the right brand. We got married at CTI last year, and wanted to try one of the resorts in Negril, so we're booked to stay May 28th through June 6th at CN. Now, I know this is silly, but I keep catching myself kind of wishing we had picked CSA. Mostly, I'm thinking about how many more bars and restaurants there are at CSA, and how people say you can walk to see more on seven mile beach. I didn't choose it though because it seemed very sports oriented, and my husband and I are not really into that. Also, if this is useful, I'm 28 and my husband is 34. Tell me what you love about CN and maybe I can stop worrying over this and get excited again!

Also, I heard they even took the duvets off the beds at CN. Is this true? I know Couples is not about luxury rooms, but I'm getting worried about the state of the rooms at CN.

Thanks! : )