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    Where does the resort take you and how long are you gone from resort?

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    As I recall, the catamaran leaves CN at 4:00 PM and returns around 6:30. It's about an hour out to the anchor point, including the loading of all passengers. At anchor, you'll spend about 30 minutes swimming through the caves and enjoying the slide. Then you head back to CN and see the start of a beautiful sunset on your return trip.

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    If you'r talking about CSS, they take you west along the coast into Ocho Rios. If you want to stop for drinks or shopping they will, but we just wanted a boat ride. They stopped at a beach that was in a Bond film and we got to stroll along the beach and sit in the waterfall. The captain was Christopher and his first mate, I think it was Darron. They were a blast. Plenty of Red Stripe and bubbly. Darron would sing to us and point out some interesting things along the trip. We even got to go close to an S resort bar so we could tell them they should have stayed at Couples!!!!! They had us out for about 90 minutes. This is one excursion you must do!!!! We can't wait till May when we get to go on the sunset cruise again. Enjoy your trip and hav a blast. It's all Irie mon.

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