Just a friendly reminder concerning some of the activities that will be going on out on the island.

There will be the long standing tradition of Silly Hat Day. All you need to supply is your smile.

New this year is Silly Ball Day. Don't even go there. No hints.

I plan a scavenger hunt for anyone that may be interested.

Fly a kite day. For this one, feel free to bring your own if you have one. If not, I have some.

Formal Nude Wedding. What would wear to that affair. Be creative. You can make an outfit, or you can buy something at your local "Whips & Chains" outlet.

There will be prizes for the scavenger hunt, and Nude wedding.

Plus some other surprises and prizes.

No one is under any obligation to participate in anything. After all, you're on vacation.

See you all on the rock.

As of today my number is 47, by the time this posts, it will be less.