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    Default Just booked CN July 24-31!! Have a question for repeaters

    Our agent says that we have the option to transfer from CN to CSS for a few days after our wedding on the 27th.
    Has anyone ever done this? Is it worth it to split time or do you recommend just coming back to CSS or CTI next year and spending all our time at CN this time.
    Sorry if this question has already been asked.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I think 7 days is far too short to be doing a split stay - you will lose most of a day packing and unpacking and doing the transfer to CSS, so I would recommend staying put at CN. If you want to visit another resort, then register for Romance Rewards and then you can spend a day at CSA, only 5 minutes away. Next year try the Ocho Rios side for your first anniversary.

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    The drive is too far! Believe me, you won't want to leave CN anyway.

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    Congratulations. We will be returning to CN for trip number 8 on the 26th. There is so much to do in Negril and it is quite a ride to the other side of the island unless you fly. We prefer to stay in one place once we are there, but it depends on what you enjoy.

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