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    Default Is it to early for a January 2014 met up thread?

    Hi there- My name is Kim and my husband is Mike. We are in the planning phase of our very first all inclusive vacation and travel to Jamaica. We are generally cruisers and have gone on 4 cruises in 3 years. But I have fallen in love with the idea of an all-inclusive vacation. This will be a special one for husband and I in January 2014. He turns 50 in October 2013 and will be completing nursing school in December 2013. So January 2014 (boohoo that it is so far away) is the time we have chosen to travel. We have not booked yet since Couples doesn't have the 2014 dates out. But I will as soon as they do. We are going split our time 5 days at CSA and 5 days at CN. So I will basically be writing the same thing on the CSA "meet up board". Anyone going to be at CN January 2014? Hope to see you there. Have a few drinks and have a great time meeting new people. Yeah Mon!

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    We just returned from our 2nd trip to CN and are pretty sure we will be returning next January. Probably add a few days to next years trip too!

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    Nowa..hope to see you there!

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    Nope! We just got home from our third trip from CN yesterday, and we are already planning our return for next January! Hope to see you there. You will not be disapointed.

    Ashley & TerryNope! We just got home from our third trip from CN yesterday, and we are already planning our return for next January! Hope to see you there. You will not be disapointed.

    Ashley & Terry

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    We just got home on the 29th from our 4th time at CN and are planning for next January's trip. No problem Mon!

    Duane & Mary

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    Waiting for the 2014 rates to be posted so we can book January and then start countig the sleeps till we return "home".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dana View Post
    Waiting for the 2014 rates to be posted so we can book January and then start countig the sleeps till we return "home".
    I am too. See you all there! Yah Mon!

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    Hi Guys,

    We were at CN in January for the first time. Had previously been 3 times to Sans Souci but loved CN so much that have already booked for January 2014. Will be there 12th thru to 26th. Already counting the days!!!
    Hope to see some of the friends we made this year.

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    We also just booked our (4th) trip to CN for January. We were there from 1/15 thru 1/25 this year, and we will be there next year from the 14th thru the 24th. Can't wait to be back!

    Terry & Ashley

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    My hubby and I just booked our 4th trip to CN...we will be there from January 25-February 1st. Best place on earth!!

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    We are booked for trip #5 at CN from January 23 thru the 28th. Hope to see everyone there.

    Duane & Mary

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    I am soooo excited that my husband and I just booked CN for our January trip! We have been traveling for 11 years now and this will be our first trip together to Jamaica! I've only been once on a cruise stop and my husband attended a wedding in Negril a few years ago. We typically travel to Mexico due to nonstop flights and how affordable it is, but I look forward to trying something new!

    We are 36 & 39 arriving Jan. 18-25th. Cannot wait!

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    We will be celebrating our one year anniversary at CN ('s a surprise!). We will be there from Jan 15th-19th. Looking forward to meeting new friends while we are there!

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    We will be there from January 15th to January 22nd. This will be our 9th trip to CN. We are both 45 and we love the place

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    My husband and I will be going back to CN for the 3rd time. Arriving Jan 28 and leaving Feb 7th. We love this place. My husband is not a beach person but he absolutely loves CN. Anyone else going to be there these dates. Can't Wait!!!!!!!

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    32 days and counting until we head to CN! Arriving on the 23rd of January.

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    Can't wait to meet some of you guys who will be there the same time we will. Looking over the various January threads, we have counted 6 couples so far who will overlap with our trip (Jan 15th-19th), so hope to be able to put faces to screen names in less than 4 weeks!

    As I noted above, my wife knows we are going on vacation for our one year anniversary, but as of right now, she still doesn't know we are going to CN, and the big reveal won't happen until next Saturday 12/28!

    We are from NC, and should be very easy to pick out of the crowd...just look for the guy wearing Carolina Blue every day (except when we venture over to the A/N beach of course...LOL!)


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    Default Jan 11-18

    My wife and I of 30 years (we are early 50's) will be there soon!!! Jan 11-18
    Hope to meet several of you, We stay very active and like to meet others at the swim up bar. Snorkeling, catamaran, sailboating, walks on the beach.
    Bruce and Renee from Colorado

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    so we had to switch our dates...we will be at CN now January 18th-25th. We are hard to miss...lots of tattoos and usually where we are hanging out depends on who is bartending....we love Omar, Franklyn, Tennyson and Evelyn. Is anyone planning on the One Love Pub Crawl?
    Holly Irvin

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    Will be joining everyone in January from the 16th through the 21st! Can't wait to come home to CN!

    Ryan and Leah (both 35) from Pittsburgh

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    We'll see you there. We're in our 30's as well.

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    My wife and I are making our first trip to Negril Jan 18 - 25th. Would love to meet up and hang out especially with some of you returning vets that can offer up great advice on all there is to do.

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    We are 10 sleeps away from CN! We are looking forward to our 4th return! We will be there the 14th thru the 24th and can't wait to see everyone!

    Ashley & Terry

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    We will be there Jan. 13th - Jan. 20th. We leave a week from tomorrow. Will be our second time. Can't wait to get back!!

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    At the airport now, only 90 minutes until flight departs...can't wait!

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