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    We will be arriving at CN the day of their Anniversary Party(19 more days)l read on here that the theme is earth, wind and fire, is this a dressy affair? We will be arriving there at suppertime.

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    Default Anniversary party

    Usually sun dress for the women, khaki pants or dress shorts for men. We were there last year. Not everyone dresses up.

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    The Anniversary party is great! A lot of things happen outside by the pool so it is a very casual feeling. You can dress up or not. Be ready to dance and have fun and eat fabulous food!

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    What do they do to celebrate? We'll be arriving that day.

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    The resort is decorated with beautiful lights, ice sculptures and other cool decorations. There is a large stage set up by the pool for bands to play. People can dance in front of it. There are craft stations set up so you can buy neat stuff. There will be some of the best food you have ever put in your mouth. They have a cigar station and the list goes on and on. It's like a festival. We happened to come in at a CN Anniversary two years ago and we were pleasantly surprised! Enjoy!

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