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    We booked our honeymoon at CSS for 9/4-9/14! We can't wait!

    My one question was about food. FI and I are extremely picky eaters (of the meat and potato variety). Are the restaurants somewhat flexible about leaving things off the food, like onions, and other things we don't like? I'm worried we're going to be eating room service hamburgers the whole time


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    You will have no worries. They will prepare your meals as you wish.

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    Hi! We love CSS! They are very sensitive to your requests! If you dine at Palazzina, try the Pasta Bar. The pasta is cooked to order, so you can determine how you want your food prepared. Two evenings, Tuesday the Beach Party and Friday the Starlight Gala, are buffets so you can select the food you want. We just got home from trip #6 to CSS and I am a somewhat picky eater....I ask for combinations of entrees rather than taking something away... and there were no problems with my requests. No worries and congratulations on your marriage!

    One Love,

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    Thanks so much!

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