I've been torn up over the resort choice we made back in October. We chose CTI for 12 nights this April 13 and I've been watching reviews and learning new info. all the time. We have been to CN in 2011 and LOVED it. We thought we wanted to try CTI because it looks so Chic and more modern but maybe too much for us. I'm worried about the island being closed and I read that the beach gets shady at 3:30 pm. That would be a downside to me because we usually stay out as long as the sun does! I'm torn about making the change but I'm afraid of not having as great a time at CTI. Also, I don't know if CTI is busy enough for us! We loved the locals on the beach at CN shouting out " Cigaarrrrs, Ciiiggaretttes,.....it's gonna be a HOT, HOT HOT!! I need to decide soon. We would be paying 300$ more for 3 less nights at CN....Driving myself nuts with this decision... Can anyone help tip the scale one way or the other?