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    Default CSA Beach Umbrellas/Sun Protection

    My hubby and I just booked our first trip to Couples (and to the Caribbean) for early March! We are staying at CSA and are so excited. I have been scanning the message boards just to learn what I can...and to daydream during this chilly winter weather. The only thing I have been curious about, but unable to find information on, is whether or not there are beach umbrellas or some sort of sun shade at CSA. We want to sit on the beach and read, get hot, take a dip in the ocean and then sit around some more while having our drinks refilled! I saw something in passing on one board that said people stake out covered beach areas early in the morning to reserve them. I'm not interested in doing this because it seems silly to me to reserve something for the whole day when I won't use it until noon or so. So what are my options if I don't want to fry in the sun? If there are vendors from which I can buy an umbrella then I am perfectly willing to haul this back and forth and sit wherever I want. Thanks for any feedback!
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