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    Default Can't email Honeymoon Registry link?


    I've had some friends encourage me to set up a wedding/honeymoon registry, and have done so using the registry site connected to Couples, and they want me to send them a link, and I wanted to use the Registry website email interface to send it out to friends and family. BUT, any time I try to send it, I get a message in my own email inbox that the emails can't be sent. Has anyone had this issue, or revolved it? Sure, I can share the link a lot of ways, but I wanted to have it go our from the website because it looked nice and was easier overall to do. Help??

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    ok - I found a work-around. I took the message that was included in the error message, cleaned it up, and manually sent it form my email address using the BCC field, so it wouldn't have a slew of emails on the top of the message.

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