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    Hi Everyone,

    Hoping someone can help answer a few questions I have. My fiancé and I are getting married Nov 2014, and we are both a little confused as to what the complimentary package actually has to offer. So if anyone can answer we would GREATLY appreciate it! We are so excited!!!!!

    1. Is it silent when walking down the isle? Do we bring music that they will play? I saw where you can rent a band for an hour but I don't think we really need that. However, I would hate to have a cheap, boring ceremony even though it is just the two of us.

    2. Also the wedding photography packages seem a little high. We aren't exactly looking to have 100's of photos of our wedding, but maybe 10 would be nice. The wedding packages don't have anything for someone who wants just a few photos…Is there a way to purchase them individually or no? I also heard of others who made friends with other couples having them take photos of their wedding. Does the resort frown upon this?

    Cant wait to read everyone else's experiences! Thanks again!


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    Brandi, congratulations on your upcoming wedding first of all, you made a great choice of CSA. We had the coordinator play a song we brought on cd for walking down the isle. They use an iPod too I believe. Our first wedding 10 years ago we did a small photo and DVD package (24 pics) and that was reasonable. We renewed our vows in April and just used the resort photog again and just chose 12. The prices have gone way up plus we just wanted a few. The complimentary cake is a choice of Jamaican fruit cake or white or chocolate. Very yummy and bubbly included. We did the chocolate with a white. fondant. The flowers are gorgeous as we had pink orchids the first time and second time I spent an extra $94 for an upgraded bouquet.
    Some people play more music, we didn't do anything the second time around. You can pretty much do what you want. You'll meet with the wedding gals your second day and choose what you want. They are real pros and are great to work with. Best times ever and so glad we did it.this way.
    We did do the DVD the first time and had them edit 4 songs into the video and its my prized possession. The price has gone way up but they did a super job! So glad I spent the money.
    If you want to see a few shots, email me at
    We got a disc with our pictures on it and you can make copies from that. Good luck and feel free to email me if you have more questions, sara
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    we are also getting married there in November and when I emailed the wedding planner she said you can buy the pictures individually but they are pretty expensive. I was wondering the same thing about if a friend could take pictures. We have a friend coming who isn't a professional photographer but he does pretty good work. I wanted to know it the resort frowns upon it as well.

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    No way, sure they'd rather have you buy theirs of course but I've seen many "amateurs " taking photos. The pictures we got from the resort were $20 per so pretty expensive. I say go for with your friend if money is an issue.

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    We are renewing our vows in Fed at CTI. We didn't have a wedding the first time and so I wanted this to be special. My understanding is for the complimentary wedding you get the orchid mini bouquet, I think its on the page its purple and white and the same for the groom. There are no gazebo decorations. A small cake and sparkling wine or rum punch. We were upgrading to the tropical to have a few extras. But the big thing I wanted were photos. We have only 1 snapshot from our first and that's it. The resort photos were way too high. I contacted an outside photographer. She gave me a great price and included the resort fee. Email me and I'll give you her name.
    I'm so excited, she has done several others on here too!

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    Thank you for everyones response, I really appreciate it I can't wait, it seems crazy thinking its just 3 days away! Especially since its 16 degrees in ohio today!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by brandi77 View Post
    Thank you for everyones response, I really appreciate it I can't wait, it seems crazy thinking its just 3 days away! Especially since its 16 degrees in ohio today!!!
    I would love the "details" on the complimentary wedding package. Like what were your bouquet opinions? What decorations, if any were provided, and how much it costs to have the white sheeting and a few flowers on the arch. I was torn between the Tropical and the Complimentary packages mainly because of wanting some decoration on the trellis. But I think I've decided to just add the additional decoration cost to the complimentary package and hire and outside photographer. It'll cost a little more, but I'm more interested in having pictures.. but not wanting to pay the resorts fee. Thanks in advance.

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    My fiancee and I are getting married at CTI Dec 13th. We are doing the complimentary package as well. My fiancee's brother and wife are coming with. They are both professional photographers. Because they are guests at the resort we did not have to pay the $500 outside photographer fee. 19 days left!!

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    Brandi - I would love to hear how this went and what you ended up doing for pictures. This is basically my plan as well!

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    I have also heard good things about CSA but I really want to tell that my friend got married in Long Island NY, and it was awesom,there package, arrangements,their site is

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