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    We are getting married on 9/1/16 at either CSS or CTI. Can anyone tell me what the prices would be for hair and makeup at the salon? I tried to look for a price list and have been unsuccessful in finding one.


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    At csa, it was about $80 last year for our renewal so you get a general idea

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    I had my hair and make up done fort wedding 2 weeks ago and it was $130. So worth it. Colette did a wonderful job

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    We just got back from our wedding at CSS. I paid $125 for hair, make-up and the application of false eyelashes. The girl was a wonderful person and did an amazing job. That is the price for the services but I also tipped her on top of that as well. Well worth it!!!

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    Ladies who replied, how long and / or elaborate was your hair? Did that affect the price? Did you have anything like a veil or headpiece for them to affix?

    Also, did the makeup last pretty well? It's a bit humid there I am guessing, but I'm from Texas, so I'm guessing it might be like here in summer.

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    She put a flower in my hair, didn't affect price and the make up lasted fine although it was very humid that day.

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    Also, I'd been thinking the salon was near the Spa on the map. I found an older map that makes it look like its across the street, near the fitness center? Is that right?

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    Yes, salon and spa are across the street by the sports complex. It's really nice

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