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    Default Post your wedding pictures! :)

    I want to use this post as a place where you can share y'alls story and post a few pictures from your special day! <3
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    Default Vow Renewal photos

    Great idea for a thread! Here are photos of our vow renewal at CTI!
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    Best time of our lives. 10/1/12[ATTACH=CONFIG]19285Name:  11292012136.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by futuremrsnelson View Post
    I want to use this post as a place where you can share y'alls story and post a few pictures from your special day! <3

    Name:  321009_10100349699346714_684568770_n.jpg
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    Name:  428307_10100349704760864_1944235201_n.jpg
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    Name:  318030_10100349718164004_329725434_n.jpg
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    Name:  251812_10100349726073154_1590379028_n.jpg
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    Photos by Stacey Clarke Photography.... 11.26.12

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    Beautiful photos!

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    Stacey- Did you have a reception at Couples Swept Away too?

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    Wow! All your photos are beautiful. We are getting married at Negril In April 2015 and looking at the Forum has made me so excited and emotional!

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    Default Our CSS One Love Pkg Wedding with a few upgrades

    Name:  05963016.jpg
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Size:  8.3 KBName:  05963022.jpg
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Size:  8.6 KBName:  05963071.jpg
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    Name:  image.jpg
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    March 24th, 2015 @ Couples Negril

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    Name:  image.jpg
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    Beautiful Vow Renewal 25 Wonderful Years, I love you James
    Many thanks to the staff, the resort & the many resort guests who acted as witnesses to our spectacular day

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    And a few more. Name:  FB_IMG_1436904369188.jpg
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Size:  183.5 KBName:  FB_IMG_1436904373979.jpg
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Size:  210.4 KBName:  FB_IMG_1436904392053.jpg
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Size:  275.1 KBName:  FB_IMG_1436904408381.jpg
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Size:  146.8 KBName:  FB_IMG_1436904429585.jpg
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    Where did you get your dress? Love it!

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    Which resort did you get married at? Are these the professional photographs.

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    Name:  Wedding2.jpg
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    Couples Tower Isle - June 2001

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    Couples CSA October 2006Name:  Jamaica Wedding 0027.jpg
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Size:  106.1 KBName:  Jamaica Wedding 0072.jpg
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Size:  77.5 KBName:  Jamaica Wedding 0073.jpg
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    Great thread!!! Can't wait to add ours!

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    Here's a few of my favorites from our November 2012 wedding at CN.Name:  SD_0231.jpg
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Size:  82.2 KBName:  SD_0240.jpg
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Size:  100.0 KBName:  SD_0265.jpg
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    Love the pictures!! Can't wait for our wedding at couples Negril nov.30th!! Did you have a resort photographer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeteandSarah View Post
    Love the pictures!! Can't wait for our wedding at couples Negril nov.30th!! Did you have a resort photographer?
    We used Misha Earle. She was fantastic to work with. We ended up with almost 200 photos.

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    Name:  DSC_0172.jpg
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    We were married June 8th 2013 at CSA. We used our own cameras and either used a remote for the cameras or other couples offered to take some for us. We were very fortunate and loved the wedding.

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    Just returned last week from getting married at CSA in the garden! Absolutely LOVED every little thing about it! Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

    Name:  wedding1.jpg
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Size:  214.1 KBName:  wedding2.jpg
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Size:  181.4 KBName:  wedding3.jpg
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Size:  64.2 KBName:  wedding4.jpg
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Size:  188.1 KBName:  wedding7.jpg
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    We did a "vow renewal" on our honeymoon in order to have the best of both worlds. We had to have a local wedding because it was my husband's first and he had relatives who absolutely couldn't travel. As the baby of the family who waited until his 30s were almost a memory to get married for the first time, none of his ever-spoiling relatives would allow that! But we wanted the beach wedding for just the two of us, so we got both, thanks to Couples!!!
    Name:  Wedding CTI sand.jpg
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Size:  306.1 KB

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    Here is a link to our slide show. Misha Earle was our photographer. We had a fantastic time and she did a beautiful job.
    Cheri + Blake

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