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    Default Any January Weddings? Plus, a few other questions.

    Hi! My mom & I will be in Negril this next week (January 23rd-30th) and were really hoping to see a wedding while we were there! So please let me know if you are... & Don't worry, we won't get too close! I recently got engaged and we're planning on having our wedding at either Swept Away or Couples Negril. I honestly did not realize how difficult it is to plan destination wedding-- setting a date, choosing the location, resort, wedding package & photography. HELP!!!! I have read several messages on here explaining the differences between the two resorts but they both seem SO wonderful! So I'm hoping after this next week, I will have all my questions answered so I can finalized the plans for our dream wedding!

    Also, I am a little unsure about the resort photography. So I did a little research and read a lot of great reviews about Stacey Clarke so I went to her website and was amazed! I think she would definitely be worth the extra money. Has anyone used her before? I sent her an email about meeting up with us while we're in Negril. She actually sent me a message back within 5 minutes, which definitely made me like her even more! If anyone has any photos of their wedding that they wouldn't mind sharing, along with the photographers name-- I would GREATLY appreciate it! Thanks so much!!

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    You are bound to see lots of weddings, it's high season . Really, relax , you made a great decision to get married at couples. I had a big wedding the first time around, talk about stress!! Csa made it so easy and it was the best day of our lives. our ceremony was short and sweet in a gorgeous setting on the beach and I couldn't have been happier, good luck and let us know what you decide.

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